Email Marketing Expectations: The 3 Secrets to Successful Conversions

emailsent  Email marketing โ€“ sometimes you wonder how many people actually still use their email.

Everyone is guilty of using an old email to sign up for something just so an employee will stop hassling you or you can use the website without having to worry about bombarding emails.

Many businesses probably wonder on a daily basis how many of their emails actually converted a customer to return or if they returned on their own. What is the secret to a successful conversion through emails?


Surprisingly enough, there are no studies that have proven what exact times are ideal to send emails. They have time frames of what works for some businesses, but really, it depends on what kind of business youโ€™re running. Much of the timing depends on the consumer.

For example, if your website sends out a newsletter for entrepreneurs, sending it early in the morning when they begin their day would be ideal. Many people who work from home or on their own probably get on the computer before their day begins to check emails, visit a couple websites or even surf their social media.

While the times havenโ€™t been proven 100%, there are suggestions to avoid sending emails during the โ€˜dead zoneโ€™ times: from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. Emails sent during those times are more likely to be deleted because they will be categorized by the consumer as junk mail.

Timing not only continues into what times of day to send emails, but also how many throughout the year. First time users and new signups should receive multiple emails per week but as time goes on or customers remain on the subscription list, send less and less. A long term client will already be aware of what products you have available, so an infrequent discount or coupon would be sufficient enough.

Avoiding the SPAM Filter

The spam filter is the ultimate place that no retailer or business wants their emails to end up.

Even if your business isnโ€™t promoting pornography or other junk emails, certain emails can end up in the spam filter box. If a user has Gmail, while a company would rather wind up in the inbox, at least in the โ€˜socialโ€™ or โ€˜promotionsโ€™ tabs, the reader can see there is new mail there.

In the spam box, it is never seen and usually deleted before the consumer has a chance to even skim through those junk emails.

Avoiding the spam filter is difficult since it is constantly being updated to filter through emails, but there is a method to its madness. The spam system works through points. For example, if your company continues to send emails in all caps, those are marked down for points. If every email you send has all caps, they will no longer end up in the inbox and go straight to the spam box.

Go through your own spam box โ€“ youโ€™ll notice a pattern with several of the emails in there. If youโ€™re extremely concerned your email marketing techniques may be winding up there, check out this list of spam words that can send your emails there.

Finding Your Method

The truth about email marketing is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnโ€™t. You must create a routine and system that works. Always send emails that hold value โ€“ donโ€™t just send emails to meet a quota.

If your business continues to send emails that hold information that is valuable to the reader, they will open your messages every time they are received. If the subject line is intriguing, they will be more inclined to open it, but they still want to see substantial content. Send product previews, free samples, discounts or surveys with results. These items can provide insight to the customer about things they are interested in.

Email marketing has its ups and downs, but if youโ€™re struggling with finding a quality method of marketing through email, contact us today. You will receive assistance about marketing techniques that work as well as exclusive marketing advice that you wouldnโ€™t find anywhere else.

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