Mobile Advertising

Off the top of your head, what three things do you always have with you? Keys, yes. A wallet, check.

Ah, and a mobile phone.

Mobile phones have indeed taken over our lives. How we communicate, shop, work, play, and go about our daily existence have been altered by mobile phones. In fact, 9 out of 10 Americans have mobile phones! That’s over 284 million people in America. Even children own a mobile phone than books! Pretty insane, huh?

Are you reading this content from your mobile phone? Our point exactly.

Mobile is a gold mine of advertising opportunities. Whether as a stand-alone medium or integrated into cross-media campaigns, mobile plays an invaluable role in any advertising strategy. With mobile advertising, businesses give their customers and prospect the ease to access information right at their fingertips, thereby increasing traffic, leads, and conversion.

Mobile advertising allows you to efficiently position your marketing efforts via a multitude of mobile channels such as Mobile Web, Mobile Applications, Mobile Messaging, and Mobile Video. It allows you to engage your customers beyond traditional and digital media. And you will always have an audience, thanks to the ubiquity of mobile phones.

Imagine having these advertising opportunities available at your disposal:

• Banner ads on mobile websites
• Branded mobile websites
• Ad placement within mobile applications
• Push notifications on branded mobile apps
• Text ads (SMS / MMS)
• Mobile video ads and static images
• Clickable overlays on branded mobile videos

Mobile advertising gives your business optimum brand visibility, thus making you stand out from the pack. And since you’re ads are sent through mobile phones, your prospects will have a higher attention level compared to other forms of advertisement. You would never delete text messages without reading them, would you?

When your company sends out highly pertinent ads to your customers at the most opportune time, your brand will have a powerful influence over your prospects’ buying decision. Moreover, you can offer location-oriented services to your customers – at the same time, send them relevant content giving you the advantage of securing new audience even before the competition makes a move!

And what better way can you target people-on-the-go than by mobile advertising. You don’t have to run after them, you run WITH them. With mobile advertising, you practically put your brand right in your customer’s hand – literally!

In the era of mobile technology, virtually everything can be accessed with just a click of a button. Whether to click-to-call, click-to-share, click-to-subscribe, and click-t0-purchase, the possibilities are truly endless with mobile advertising. Did you know that 87.1 billion mobile ads have been served in 2011?

If you get into the beat of mobile advertising sooner rather than later, you have the tremendous power to grab the bigger bulk of the market share. And by the time the competition catches up, you will already be ahead by a mile! Every step your company takes to reach out to people brings your prospects a step closer to doing business you, and mobile advertising is definitely an excellent place to start.

In the last couple of years, mobile advertising has been gaining steady momentum and widespread appeal among businesses and it has not slowed down since. If you don’t advertise on mobile, your competitor will – and oh – there goes your customer.

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