Soaring Above the Three Biggest Hurdles In Small Business Marketing

soaring-300x173  So you’ve spent years honing your products and services to the point where they are as good as can be, and now you’re ready to unleash them on the world.

Except, that market that you’re targeting is already inundated with so many companies that it’s going to be difficult to make your business stand out.

Or is it?

The truth is, until you understand the problems of marketing your business, you can’t really bypass them, right?

It’s the old adage that to defeat your enemy you have to know your enemy, and taming the marketing beat is most definitely a pitched battle.

And in this helpful article, marketing expert Tom Webster suggests that the marketing of your business should always be unique and distinguishing

So to help you make your run at marketing success, here are three of the biggest marketing challenges small businesses face, and ways to overcome those challenges.

Not Properly Identifying the Target Audience

In today’s bifurcated consumer landscape, specialization is the key to targeting the market that your company most needs in order to be successful. The problem is, however, that many small business owners don’t properly identify just whom their products and services would most appeal to.

And so they spent a lot of wasted time trying to appeal to as large a market as possible, and they’re stunned when their returns are negligible.

The best way to avoid this problem is to clearly identify your market by creating a profile of the type of client that would most benefit from what you’re offering.

Once you’ve created that profile, you should consult with your marketing team who can help you target that market through a combination of SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO) – which means turning visitors into long-term clients – and brand awareness on social media platforms.

As marketing master Doug Kessler said in a recent interview, “We really are here to sell something at the end of the day.”

Converting Visitors Into Customers

In the competitive landscape in which your business exists, it’s not enough to simply draw visitors to your website or your brick-and-mortar, you must convert these visitors into clients.

The mistake some small business owners make is focusing their full attention on bringing people in, and forgetting that you better have something to keep them occupied when they arrive.

Whether you’re an online company or a brick-and-mortar, you have to understand what would make your target customer invest in one of your products or services.

Offering discounts, package deals and one-time only sales, are some of the most effective ways to entice visitors to sample your products.

But equally important is setting some type of deadline that creates a sense of urgency that they should buy NOW!

Not Understanding the Language of Marketing

As a small business owner, you can’t afford not to have a working knowledge of the current marketing language that helps drive the success of many companies.

For example, did you know the term CRO that was used earlier in this piece? Do you understand that benefits of creating an online presence even if your business is a shop or store?

What is your repeat business percentage, and why is that important? Have you created a referral program that rewards existing clients for bringing in visitors who buy one of your products or services?

Do you understand the term ‘branding’ and how you can achieve that desirable goal?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, you must hire a marketing specialist to help you become conversant with the lingo.

You don’t have to become an expert marketer, but you better know the basic language so that you can help shape the marketing strategy of your business for optimal results.

Don’t Let Up

Sometimes you’ll hit a brick wall in marketing, which just means that you have to pivot and find the right campaign. But as much as you’re tempted to give up, don’t, because marketing lasts as long as your business does, and without innovating and adapting, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

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