Live Lead Transfers

At, we know that at the end of day, all a business really wants (and needs) is more customers and more profitable growth, each quarter. The problem is that some businesses just don’t have a budget for marketing, since some marketing just won’t help them get a positive ROI fast enough.

ExclusiveLeads  We know what works and what doesn’t work.  We do everything necessary to get our clients new potential customers so that they are able to obtain a high ROI.  What’s more:  we only offer Exclusive leads. We do NOT share them or sell them to anyone else.  They are EXCLUSIVE to you and you alone.

We also keep the relationships we have with our clients private… after all, if I told everyone you were a client, how many phone calls would you want to field for me verifying we do a great job? None, since you are going to be so busy. We let our results speak for themselves… we don’t need to showboat our client base.

So what can you expect from us?

Only the best results. We know that there will be some phone calls coming in that are from people who are just looking for answers so they can do it themselves, or just asking a quick question, or even looking for a service you do not perform. So, we are going to close out all the ones that are less than 30 seconds (even 29 seconds)! We do everything possible to ensure you are seeing a high ROI!

This is a complete, Done-For-You System.  All you will have to do is answer your phone! We will automatically send you the referrals and are 100% transparent in our lead generation efforts.  Just before you say hello, you will hear a whisper that quietly says, “You have an incoming referral from”  Your lead will just hear ringing.  You simply answer the call as you normally do.   In addition to a detailed monthly report, this is how you’ll be able to track which calls we are sending to you.

The process is very simple.  You sign up.  We send you exclusive leads.  You answer the calls and sell your service.  Pretty easy, right?

So what are you waiting for?  CONTACT US today to learn more!