Landing Page Design and Development

Psssst, we’ve got a secret for you…

We know why your website isn’t delivering the results you had hoped for

LandingPages1-300x168  You invested blood, sweat, tears and your first born child into your website.  The colors, the messaging, the graphics, the site mapping – everything rocks.  In one word, it personifies “perfection.”  Yet for some strange reason, it’s not doing much for your business.

Sure, you’re getting traffic.  You’ve invested time and resources into good SEO.  You might’ve even invested in some pay-per-click ads.  People aren’t just bouncing on and off your site like a basketball, they’re ACTUALLY sticking around.  Yet, you’re not seeing an increase in business.  No increase in leads, sales, revenue.  Nada.

You’re probably scratching your head, wondering how this can possibly be.   After all, you’ve done everything right.  And your thought process is correct – with one slightly minor (OK, OK, major) flaw….

You’re most likely not using landing pages.  Unfortunately, this is like breaking one of the cardinal sins of digital marketing.  Now to clarify – a landing page is NOT the same thing as your homepage.  Your homepage is like your virtual storefront to the world.  A landing page is the focal point of your online marketing campaign; it IS the digital sales rep of your business.

Simplistic in nature, landing pages usually consist of a compelling headline, supporting text and some sort of sales pitch that compels your visitors to take action – whether to buy a product, claim a freebie, sign up for a newsletter or fork over personal information like a phone number or email address.  So, think of landing pages as your launch-pad to an effective online sales pitch that can help with lead generation.  After all, if people are coming to your website, don’t you want to have something to show for it?

Landing pages ARE important – and here’s why….

A good landing page is the most basic, yet most important, component of a sound online marketing strategy. And while many people won’t let you in on this little secret, landing pages SHOULD be at the heart of your campaign, since they:

  • measure the effectiveness of advertising dollars.
  • help you to properly position your marketing messaging.
  • increase revenue by improving your conversion rates.
  • attract new prospects.

Landing pages, also known as “lead capture pages” – should specifically serve that purpose.  End of story.  Short, sweet and to the point… with one end goal in mind.  LEADS!

What’s in it for you?

In a nutshell, everything.

Recent studies have shown that businesses incorporating landing pages into their online marketing strategies posted a 25% improvement in conversion rates.  What’s more, optimizing existing landing pages saw this skyrocket to 40%.

Bottom line?  The better your landing page performs, the better your chances of getting more leads. And the more leads you have, the more profitable your business will become.  66% of online advertising budgets are spent on paid search and banners ads. That’s equivalent to $15.4 billion per year.  Think of how much your company could be saving simply by having an optimized landing page!

OK OK, so you’re one tough cookie and still aren’t entirely convinced you need landing pages?  Think about this for a second.  The average attention span of a visitor to your website is only 2-3 seconds – and with that limited amount of time, you’ve gotta provide them with something that compels them to stay.  A landing page is a thin line that runs across “do something NOW” and the “Back” button.

Still not sold?  Here’s another analogy for you: imagine if you only had one arrow to shoot an apple. Think of a landing page as your one arrow. You have to hit the bulls-eye the first time, every time.

If you’re ready to write your golden ticket to digital marketing success, CONTACT US today to discuss how we can help you optimize your website with landing pages to increase leads, sales – and more important, revenue!