Successful Marketing 101: How to Set Up PPC Campaigns for Small Home Services Business

businessman_in_the_office_1  Our answer:

  1. Plan well and carefully – Planning is important to be more effective and efficient.
  2. Know your audience – Find out where they hang out online, what they search for, and what kind of language they will understand. These are big factors in planning and executing your campaign.
  3. Set goals – What do you want to achieve with your PPC campaign? This will help you in choosing what keywords to use, how copy will be crafted, etc.
  4. Set your budget – Be realistic. This will help you dictate the frequency and how packed your campaign will be.
  5. Research and choose keywords – Find out what kind of keywords your target audience uses. With the most relevant keywords, your campaign will be successful. Use tools like Google Keywords to finalize the keywords that you will use.
  6. Start bidding – After you have chosen the best keywords to describe your business, bid on the best keywords that would create more conversions.
  7. Craft effective copy – While you may have chosen the right keywords, if you don’t write the headline and body copy well, your target audience will ignore your ad. Complement your keywords with compelling copy and use the keywords properly. Also, be honest. Do not over promise. You will lose clients by tricking them.
  8. Create landing pages – Support your PPC campaign with hardworking landing pages that would seal the deal. Write good call to action lines along with complete details of your product or service.
  9. Regularly optimize your campaign – Enjoy a higher conversion rate by optimizing your PPC ads and landing pages.
  10. Try to be present in more search engines – Maximize your presence and exposure by having PPC ads on more search engines.
  11. Monitor and maintain your campaign well – Whether you do it on your own or hire professionals, you should be able to evaluate and improve your campaign regularly. Revise your copy when needed. Change keywords used if you have found better response with others. Make sure that you check on it daily. After all, you will reap from this.

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