How To Write The Best Marketing Content: Fiction Writers Tips

typing-300x200  Content marketing is all about telling a story and it is not weird that we can borrow a leaf from fiction writers. The reason why most fiction writers manage to captivate their audience and make them read 1000 pages is because they have mastered the art of writing content that is attractive and tempting. Content marketing should not be any different. Whatever you write should make the reader want to read more and do whatever you include in the call to action. Here are fiction writing tips that you can effectively use in writing a good marketing copy:

1. The Weapon Of Suspense

Most marketers are interested in data and anything that involves mysteries and unsolved issues will put them off. However, you need to remember that the content you are writing is for people who are interested in such things. To be more specific, suspense is always a big winner when it comes to keeping the audience glued to anything. Marketing practices dictate that you provide solutions, but you can strike a balance between suspense and problem solving content. What you need to do is craft the content such that the reader will go all the way just to find out what it is all about.

2. Make It More Of A Talk Than A Read

We all hate texts that sound too formal, right? When you are intending to tell people about products and services, make the content sound more of a talk than a block of formal text. Everything that is formal looks boring and sounds boring. It might surprise you that someone will read dozens of pages of interesting content and not go through a paragraph of formal writing. Break the rules once in a while and give the content to your audience the way they like it.

3. Don’t Tell, Show

When you are reading a fiction novel, the writer manages to take you to different scenes with just words and you feel as though you are physically there watching the events unfold. This is because instead of telling you stuff, they show you. The same thing happens in content marketing. For a consumer to read your content and buy from you, they do not want you to tell them how amazing your products and services are, they want to be shown through examples, specifics and stories. Prove a point by writing about actions instead of depending on plain descriptions.

4. Employ Some Conflict

Conflict has always worked in making the audience keep on reading any content especially in the world of fiction writing. Well, you cam employ the same tactics to get the attention of your reader. Experts however warn that it is important to not go overboard with your imagination, you only need to keep the conflict going on but take care not to focus too much on the story and forget about the accuracy of your content; if you do, you will lose your integrity.

6. Make Your Writing Lovable

There is nothing as important as knowing the type of audience you are writing for. This works magic in choosing the topics and writing in a style that will impress them. Before you start writing put yourself in the reader’s shoes and think about what you would want to read and how you would want it written. If you fall in love with your writing looking at it from a reader’s perspective, your audience will probably love it. Just to be on the safe side, let two or three people in your target group read the content before you use it and get their feedback and reaction.

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