Don’t Let Your Competitors Leave You Behind – It’s Time To Get An App For Your Business

You probably own a smartphone and almost everyone you know most likely has one. You might have come across AT&T’s tagline: There’s an app for that. But apps don’t really mean anything to you – until you find out that your competitor already has one up and running.

On top of all the business operation and other important things, you have probably no time to understand the importance of having an app. Probably, you’re adamant in learning its benefits to your business. For you, it’s something scary and not worth understanding. You have to realize that your business needs it and it’s simple once you realize its value.

Connectivity – This is the biggest benefit of creating an app for your business. You will be able to reach and talk to your customers in a more personal way. How? It’s because having an app allows to you get through your target market with one of the three things people always carry with them – their mobile phone.

What is better than to communicate with your market through something that is with them, 24/7? Some businesses are just getting started in email marketing. I pity them. They are being left behind by those who have joined the fast bandwagon of the app world.

Fine, fine. There are people who check their email on their mobile phones but most do not. If they actually do, they usually delete it once they see it’s a business communication email. Email marketing is still lagging behind SMS marketing. If you’re using text message marketing, you probably a 97% chance of getting to your market. However, having your own mobile app would probably help your marketing efforts more with the aid of push notifications.

People don’t take their computers with them everywhere, and even though they “can” check their email on their smart phones, most don’t, and even if they do what are the chances that they are going to open up your business communication email? Probably about as good as if they were going to open it on their computer, which still pales in comparison with methods like SMS text message marketing. Text message marketing has around a 97% open rate and your very own mobile app could help even more thanks to push notifications. Sending out push notifications to those who have downloaded your app will assure you that they have received your message to them.

Still don’t understand what exactly is a push notification? Is creating an app for your business still something you are not sure of? Do not be complacent and be left in the success race! It’s about time you knew more so download our free report or give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help you speed past your competitors with your very own app.

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