5 Obvious Reasons Why Video Presentation will Rock Your Marketing Strategies

video-300x199  There is no better way to share, express or deliver an idea other than video presentation. In fact, internet users prefer to search for videos rather than reading articles simply because it offers a more realistic and personal approach, and it provides information right off the bat. While it’s quite a challenge for any marketer to produce crowd-pleasing videos, the results are undeniably rewarding.

And while you’re discussing (to yourself) whether or not investing in a video presentation will increase your sales this year, here are 5 obvious reasons why you should add video to your marketing arsenal:

  1. It can tell a story and provoke emotional responses. It is easier to improve the viewer’s experience through video presentation, which utilizes sight and sound to get the attention of your audience. Wherein, you can connect better through stimulating their visual acuity or better yet; igniting their desire by imposing a sensitive question. As a result, it will lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience producing the video presentation. Even a short clip of 30 seconds will provide someone the information they needed about your services or the new product that you are offering.
  2. Communicate more with less. Take advantage of video to illustrate processes or progress, movement or growth. For example, instead of using graphs or tables on still images to show growth, you may opt to use moving or animated graphs or flowcharts. As we rely so much on technology in general, take video as an opportunity to more effectively outlined presentations.
  3. Increase purchase intent. According to research, customers respond overwhelmingly favourable to video ads than other print media or banner. It has now become an acceptable trend that the web had captured people’s attention with pre-roll ads before their favourite television shows or websites. It is for this very reason that it’s worth investing in a video presentation to persuade and create brand awareness for your business. Thus, converting even more prospects into buyers and putting you’re product (as what they call it) on steroids!
  4. Create atmosphere and drama. Somehow, you may want to manipulate your presentation by adding text over a moving background to make it more visually appealing and would look better than standalone text. Many textures and graphics nowadays already has β€œcopy space” built in, making it easy and ready to insert your bullet points into a more compelling and creative graphics.
  5. Break the monotony. The name of the game is variety and creativity. To be able to maintain the focus of your viewers for a long period of time. Viewers and visitors are more likely to recall the images that caught their attention and other information from the video. Concepts and emotions are extremely essential over words and statistics, and video can address all these concerns from the visitor’s point of view.

When you think about marketing, you cannot help but equate it to customer service as part of the selling process, and that includes video presentation. And what better way to capture and captivate the attention of your consumers or new customers than presenting it in a video form rather than pure text or image advertising.

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