Make More Money By Joining Pinterest

In every business, effective marketing plans are very important. If your current marketing strategies are not helping your business to reach your target profit and growth then you’re doing something wrong or you’re lacking something important. You must be aware that you have to explore all the available marketing tools in order to choose what suits your needs best. There is a plethora of marketing methods that you can tap in order to boost your business reach. One such tool is Pinterest. It is a free marketing medium that you can use that requires you to share relevant photos. Below are ways on how to maximize its benefits to your advantage.

  • Post photos that will elicit an emotional feedback from your audience in Pinterest. Look how images on Facebook create a sharing mania whenever there is a depressing or cute photo posted. In Pinterest, that sharing wildfire is multiplied 10 times than that of the rate in Facebook.
  • Most of the Pinterest account holders are women with ages that range from the early 20s to late 30s. This means that you have to skew your images so that they will appeal to this large portion of the users that actually share a lot. Once you have done this, you can be sure that your brand awareness will increase.
  • Promote your brand in such a way that it will be seen as credible and relevant to most Pinterest users – minus the blatant selling pitch. Engage your target market by interacting with them through posts, comments and fast response to questions.
  • To increase the β€œshareability” of your photos, add captions or other funny or witty stuff to your photos that would make them more interesting. You have to do this since Pinterest banks on re-pinning of attention-grabbing images.
  • Creativity – that is probably the most important thing you have to take note of in creating a buzz in Pinterest. Aside from promoting your products or service by sharing your own photos, you can make people actually devote time on your brand. Let’s say that you’re an arts and crafts supplier. You can ask your followers to drive their imagination wild and create their own masterpiece with your products. If you’re a clothing company, you can ask followers to create their own outfits with bits and pieces from your line.

With Pinterest, the possibilities of creating a great buzz for your brand are endless. It’s just a matter of knowing how to be relevant to your market and how to ignite their curiosity and interest with what you have to offer.

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