The Wonders Local SEO Can Do for Your Business

As a small business owner, adding local SEO into your marketing mix  is probably be one of the best things you can do RIGHT NOW to boost your business. While the benefits are aplenty, here are our personal favorites:

Reach Your Potential Customers When They REALLY Need You

Say you run a party décor business. A person will only need your services if they are planning to have a party. If you’re properly optimized locally, when they search “party décor”, you will be one of the first links they will see. Think that’ll get a few people through the front door?

Enjoy the Highest Conversion Rates

Compared to any other kind of marketing, local SEO has the best chance of turning your target prospects into actual paying clients. This is because you are actually reaching people who are looking for your product or service.  Enough said…

You Can Reach Your Market Anywhere, Anytime!

This is a biggie!  By utilizing local SEO, you will be visible to your customers when they search using their computers – and also on their mobile phones. We live in an increasingly mobile society.  It’s important that your target prospects be able to easily find you whether they are at home or on-the-go.  Miss this and you’re missing out.

Spend Less and Reach More

Spending all your hard-earned money on newspaper ads, radio spots, billboards and even TV commercials is just a bad idea. If you allocate your budget here, you are big risk, since there is no assurance that a majority of your target market will be reached – and even if they are, it’s a VERY expensive test experiment as to whether you’re using effective messaging. Since local SEO is effective and efficient, spending a little now can translate into big rewards later.

A Majority of Local Customers DO Read Online Reviews

People trust what they see online – and reviews, no matter how bogus or how true they are, DO influence buying behavior. So whether a previous customer gives you a thumbs up or a thumbs down, future customers will be persuaded immediately by whatever was written. So for every good review you have, it’s like having a spokesperson selling your business while you sit back and watch your sales skyrocket.

Good for you – but also for Mother Earth too!

By using local SEO, you no longer have to print flyers, consume electricity filming TV commercials or fill the air with chemicals found in the glue to attach your ad to billboards.

Going green is “in” and applying it to your business makes a great impression – on your customers and our planet.

Those are only a handful of benefits associated with local SEO.  As more and more people websites pop up on the internet, competition is getting fiercer and attracting the right types of people to your site is getting more expensive – and difficult – than ever.  And unfortunately, creating and executing a marketing plan that will maximize your business’ potential and your resources is always easy, especially at the rapid pace at which technology changes.  If you’re struggling with attracting prospects to your business via the power of the internet, and would like to transform your website into a profit generating machine, contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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