How To Drive Traffic To Your Business Website Using Social Media

webtraffic  A small business can benefit a great deal from a well performing website. On its own, a website will not do much in terms of visibility but when other strategies are employed to market the website, you can rest assured that the traffic to your physical store will also be on the increase. The advantage of using social media to drive traffic to your website is the fact that it is free. Most of the people who will click on your website links on social media will be interested in what you have to offer and most probably will buy from you. Here is how to positively use social media to increase the traffic to your site and improve conversion rates.

1. Listen To Your Audience

On mistake that most businesses make is to jump on social media and start talking about their products and services. This is not what marketing is all about and convincing people to click a link will take more than just a sales speech. It is crucial that you listen to your audience by looking at their requests, recommendations and questions. This way you will be at a better chance to introduce your business through providing helpful information

2. Create Solid Content

When you are creating content on your social media pages, ensure that whatever you write is something your audience would consider useful. Social media networks allow you to post videos, text and pictures. Study your audience well and post content that they will want to look at and share with friends. The more shares you get the more people will visit your site that is if whatever is being shared has a link.

3. Engage On Social Media

Social media is about connecting with your followers and your friends. Consumers are always interested in companies that respond to their questions and address any issues. To project your business as responsible you have to connect with people. When people see you as a reliable business that is easy to access, they will easily do what you want them to including clicking on a link to your website. You can get involved in discussions that are related to your field of operation to attract more visitors to your site by providing solutions or useful information.

4. Social Media Advertisements

It is easy to use a social media platform to promote your website or other social media pages that link back to your website. For higher conversion rates, ensure you are linking back to well organized landing pages. Use adverts to promote offers on your websites and advertise them on relevant forums and blogs.

5. Track Your Social Media Campaigns

One way to increase the traffic to your website through social media is identifying those platforms and campaigns that are working positively for you. Most business owners do not create time to track their campaigns and end up wasting a lot of time on platforms that are not working while ignoring those that are. The internet is full of analytics tools that you can effectively use in tracking the progress of your marketing campaigns and eliminates the strategies that are not working and spend more time on those that are.

6. Be Consistent

Social media users are in love with consistent content and when you post once in a blue moon they will quickly forget about you and your business. Be consistent in posting and make sure that you are always posting useful high quality content and driving traffic to your website will be easy and not necessarily cost you a great deal of money.

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