Tips to Increase Your Engagement on Facebook

facebook-300x219  There is no question that engagement is important when it comes to social media. It is the way in which your fans and followers interact with your brand. Now, marketers are focused more on the actual engagement of followers, rather than the number of fans that they have.

Simply having a Twitter account, Facebook page or Google+ account is no longer enough. You have to update it regularly with content that is valuable and high quality. While each of the social networks will have their own audience, practices and personality, they are all centered on one important aspect – content that is sharable. This is the content that will help followers become engaged with you and your brand. Better content equates to a more engaged audience, which will then lead to an increase in fans and eventually sales.

As a marketer you are likely hearing about the BIG 5 on a regular basis. These are the five major social media powerhouses: Twitter, G+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.Β  These are the most valuable networks due to the fact that they provide you with the biggest audience and it is most likely that you will have customers interacting with these sites regularly.

The following four tips will help you discover four ways that you can increase your engagement on one of these platforms: Facebook.

Facebook is considered number one of the BIG 5. This platform offers you the best opportunity to engage your customers and influence their friends to try you out as well.

Five ways that you can increase Facebook engagement include:

Number 1: Photos

Photos equal views. People are much more likely to view a picture rather than a text link. A recent study showed that when you post a photo you are likely to receive four times the amount of engaged users than a text post alone.

The bottom line is that you should post a photo with every update that you make. Even if you are promoting a link to your site you should still post a photo. Also, consider tacking on a question to your photo, chances are you will receive quite a bit of engagement with that.

Number 2: Videos

Videos can help you get your message across easier and provide a thought provoking tool to get your fans talking. You can post a YouTube link that will provide your followers with easy access to watch the video you have created. They will not even have to leave Facebook to view it, which is another beneficial factor of using video to increase your engagement.

Number 3: Questions

If you really want to get your fans talking, ask a question. People like to have their voices and opinions heard, which is why it is much easier to get them talking when you start the conversation with a question. It can be anything about your product or brand, or any related subject.

A general rule of thumb is that you should not ask an β€œis” or β€œdo” question, as this will result in a one word, yes or no, response. Instead ask questions based on who, what, when, where and how. This will open up the floor for a long discussion and promote the interaction with your brand.

Number 4: Reply and Like

If you are asking questions, it is important to reply, or at least Like the responses that you receive. If you do not respond, chances are the conversation will slow and eventually halt.

The fact is that engaging your audience on Facebook is not extremely difficult; however, it does take effort on your part. Using the tips here you can engage your fans on Facebook, increase your following and eventually your profits.

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