Reasons Why Local Business Can’t Afford Not To Do Mobile Marketing

mobile  You may have ignored the need for mobile marketing. You may think that all your current efforts are enough. But with how technology and consumers are nowadays, you can’t afford not be present on mobile. With people using their mobile devices to be online more, you have to be present there so you can sustain your business’ awareness. Here are some things you should take note of involving mobile marketing:

Google Places – This app of Google makes it easier for mobile users to search for a local business. This is more convenient and quick for them compared to searching on their computers. If you are present there, you will have more chances to be seen my your target market on their mobile phones when they need to.

Facebook Places – This tool is a combination of a local search and Facebook Pages of businesses. Facebook users can “check-in” in your store or office and immediately, all their Facebook friends will now about it. This is good for creating more awareness for your business since you will be reaching more people with just connecting to one person.

Location-based social media – There are apps like Foursquare that allows people on social media to “check-in” in different establishments and their friends would immediately see it. They can also include tips and suggestions for specials per establishment. The more people who “check-in” in your business, your popularity ratings will increase – alongside the interest and exposure to your target market.

Mobile marketing is a totally new box of opportunities for businesses. You have no idea how the rippling effect of marketing and awareness is heightened with this. If you want to know more about mobile marketing, just contact me for a free consultation. We will be able to customize a mobile marketing plan that complements your current campaign and your marketing goal.

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