How to Use Videos To Boost Lead Generation

Until a few years ago, many businesses ignored video marketing in favor of marketing that focused on blogs, games, podcasts, and webinars.

Well, what a difference a few years makes, because video has become the buzzword in marketing, prized for its unique ability to capture attention, stir the imagination, and best of all, generate leads.

In fact, lead generation is one of the reasons you should be shifting some of your marketing resources to video.

But if you don’t attack video marketing with the right tools and intent, your efforts may yield little return on investment.

To help you hit the video-ground running, here are three strategies to implement when you decide to use video to boost quality leads.

Know Thy Length


We know that longer forms of written content tend to engage audiences more than bite-size pieces of information, but the opposite is usually true when it comes to video marketing.

Being mindful that rules are meant to be broken if the circumstances call for it, the rule of thumb is that your videos should run somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t make a longer video if the content demands it, AND if the content remains entertaining and captivating to your audience.

Again, one size doesn’t fit all, so for example, legal videos may run longer because they are often focused on instruction or advice, which means they tend to be longer than videos in other industries.

Think about what you enjoy when you watch videos.

In most cases, it’s a quick video on YouTube that’s funny, cute, entertaining, and heartwarming, sometimes all in one package.

The same rule applies to the prospects out there that you’re targeting, except you have to really focus on making sure that you don’t overstay your welcome.

If you find that a specific topic or subject is too big for one video, then create a series of short videos that you can promote as thumbnails on the page of the first video you create.

Target Your Videos Based on the Customer Journey


Like any other type of content, you can’t generate leads with your videos unless you have first identified the purpose of that particular video.

Every piece of content you create must be aligned with the proper stage of a customer’s journey, which is typically defined as cold, warm, and hot.

For purposes of lead generation, you’re going to be focusing on cold prospects, because these are the people that know little to nothing about your business, and need to be educated about what you’re offering.

Getting cold prospects to engage with your business is the process of generating those new leads that you can hopefully convert into a warm audience that is ready to make a commitment to your business by making a purchase.

Dana Fugate, a social media, and digital marketing expert suggests that videos that can generate leads include “explainers, thought leadership, stats and facts” videos and that marketers that want to boost leads should also “create shorter, high quality videos [and] create teaser versions of your onsite videos for use in social media to draw viewers to your site.”

Fugate also believes that placing social sharing buttons on videos intended to build awareness among your target audience is an effective way to get viewers to share content that they enjoyed.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)


One of the most effective ways to generate leads is to make sure that you include strong CTAs in every piece of content you create, including videos.

There’s nothing worse than making a powerful video that holds a viewer’s attention and having that video end without pointing to some other content that can continue to engage the viewer.

YouTube offers thumbnails at the bottom of each video you create that includes other video content that viewers can click after they’re done watching one of your videos.

That’s why it’s so important to create a series of videos made around one theme or topic because it’s a natural way for you to include a CTA within a video urging viewers to watch another piece of your company’s content.

Since generating new leads is still at the cold end of the customer journey, you’re better off using CTAs that direct viewers to something basic and educational that can continue to build awareness AND excitement about your business.

For example, if you sell skateboards and you’ve made an action-packed two-minute video about all the cool things people can do with your boards, your CTA could direct viewers to a behind-the-scenes look at how your skateboards are actually made.

By simply clicking on that CTA, viewers can now learn the unique or interesting way that your company makes its skateboards, and the best part is that you’re still not done.

Because within this behind-the-scenes video, you can include yet another CTA where viewers can click to get a free DVD about your skateboards that shows the different ways that people use them in their daily recreational activities.

See how you keep your viewers constantly engaged by persuading them to heed your CTA, which also keeps them wanting to learn more about your business?

As marketing expert Muhammad Yasin said, “if your videos are interesting enough, not only will they [the audience] research your organization, but they may subscribe to your channel, or even better, sign up for more information on your website.”

Harness the Power of Visual Language

Video marketing isn’t the only tool you should use to boost leads, but it’s one of the most effective means of quickly grabbing eyeballs, and keeping viewers hooked.

By keeping your videos short and valuable, targeting the right audience, and providing strong reasons for your viewers to remain engaged, you can begin reaping the rewards of the video revolution.

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