How to Hit the Right Marks with Your Social Media Campaign

Are you thinking about using social media as a key part of your marketing campaign? You should be because most experts agree that social media has a massive level of potential. You just need to make sure that you are using it the right way. Here are some key lessons that you should learn sooner rather than later.

Use a Style Guide

Regardless of whether you choose to use an in-house marketing team, freelancers, or an outsourcing solution, a style guide will provide a significant advantage. The right style guide will tell any employees or people on a contract exactly the type of content that you want to be published and promoted across different social media networks. But that’s just the beginning. A style guide can also ensure that employees know how to interact with different clients and customers as well as engage them online.

This is important as without the right style guide crucial mistakes can be made. A basic example of this would be marketers going too far with jovial content. Humorous content can be great for shares but you need to make sure that they are not being too offensive.

Use Influencers


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You should also make sure that you are connecting with different influencers online. Influencers are always going to be a powerful ally in the marketing world. The big benefit of influencers is that they can help you connect more to your target audience and ensure that your brand is gaining the right level of attention.

Attracting interest from influencers will usually just be a case of ensuring that you do take the time to reach out to them directly and connect with them through social media. If you do this, then make sure that you pitch a relationship that is going to be mutually beneficial rather than one-sided.

Choose the Right Name

Even if you are a small business, you shouldn’t use your personal name to market your company through social media. However, you might want to use the followers that you have already obtained on your personal accounts like Instagram. You can do this quite simply by changing your Instagram name. Changing your name will ensure that you keep your existing followers while transforming your business account into one that is a basis for professional levels of engagement.

If you research how to change Instagram name details then you’ll find that this isn’t difficult at all. However, do be aware that this is only one of the steps that you will need to take. You will also need to make sure that any content that isn’t appropriate for your brand is effectively removed. You might lose some followers but you will be in a stronger position to find more that are going to be interested in using your products and investing in your services.

Connect Different Networks

You should also make sure that you are taking steps to ensure that different networks are connected. One of the ways that you can do this is by posting and sharing links to your other accounts. However, make sure that you are still following the eighty, twenty rule here. This essentially means that only 20% of the content and posts you create should be purely promotion. The rest should be based on providing real value to your target audience.

Hashtags Are Crucial


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Various studies have examined the use of hashtags and the impact that they have on the habits of users online. The message is clear. If you use hashtags then you will immediately increase the chances of your content being shared by different users. Don’t forget, hashtags will make your content more visible and easier to share for users so it’s always going to have this type of impact.

However, you do need to make sure that you are using the right hashtags. Random hashtags are never going to have the same impact as a well-thought-out campaign.

You should also try to avoid adding too many hashtags to a post as this can make your content look like spam. This is something that you need to avoid.

We hope this helps you understand some of the steps that you can take to guarantee that you do see more positive results with your social media marketing campaign. Social media is a strong tool for business owners but as with everything, it does need to be approached the right way. You need to make sure that you are not making crucial mistakes with your social media campaign that could cause you to miss your true potential or even guarantee that your brand is completely ignored.

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