An Overview of Copywriting for Small Business Owners

Marketing your small business is no easy feat. And sometimes you are attacked with
terms that people tell you to look into so you can market your business well. Copywriting
is one of them. With everything that you have to do with your business, you have to
have an understanding of what it is so you can take advantage of it. Here’s a bit on
enlightenment on copywriting for you.

Copywriting is when you write a message to your target market that explains what
your product, service, or cause is and convinces them why they should patronize what
you offer. You aim to educate your audience what is your unique selling proposition
(USP) that they would benefit from. Copywriting usually triggers an emotion of your
target market – fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, relief, etc; anything that they would
experience after using your brand.

Basic principles of Copywriting

AIDA: that is the abbreviation of what all copywriters adhere to when writing about a
product or service. It is what guides them to write messages that would be effective on
the target market.

Attention: The copy should grab the attention of your audience. This is done with the use
of witty and relevant headlines in the language of the target market.

Interest: To keep your audience interested in your message, make sure that you create
copy that they can relate to.

Desire: Create a desire for whatever you are marketing. Pose problems or cite situations
wherein your product or service is the hero that they need.

Action: What do you want your audience to do after they read / hear your message?
Buy a product, subscribe to a service, support a cause, or get a free trial? Whatever it
is, a strong call-to-action line should be clear enough as to what is the next step that the
consumer has to do after reading your copy.

Now that you have a better understanding of copywriting, whether you write your own
copy or have someone do it for you, you should take note of the things written above.
Do you want to know more about writing effective copy? I would be more than happy to

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