5 Reasons Why Your Staff Are Your Ultimate Marketing Asset

If you’ve followed our website for a while, you have been provided with thousands of marketing insights of worth. Yet sometimes, it’s also worth looking at the minor perspectives that we may dismiss on any usual day, but that hold real value to our business.

In this case, considering the marketing influences you rarely address will help you solidify your advertising package and understand how your business comes across to its audience, no matter where they may be.


It’s important to make a case for your staff, and how they are your ultimate marketing asset. After all, your logo, business statement, and promotions can only go so far; it’s your staff that will ensure great customer relationships, upsell your products, and commit to the best support possible. As such, while investing in a branding package is ideal; it’s important to prioritize the training, development and empowerment of your staff members at every level.

In this post, we’ll discuss five reasons for and methods to achieving exactly this.

Professionalism & the Professional Package

There’s a reason why some people prefer to rent out higher-star hotel rooms when they’re able, and it’s not just because the rooms provided are well-furnished and more comfortable. It’s the difference between checking in at the reception to an overworked employee who feels nothing but tired, and checking in at a front desk that warmly greets you and offers to bring your bags to the room.

How your staff are dressed (smart casual is key), how they may be identifiable (such as with name badges), or how they’re assigned (one client speaking to one representative the entire time inspires trust), serves as its own form of marketing; because your staff member will embody all of your values in one fell swoop.

Processing Issues & Communications

Sooner or later, a client or customer will require support. When they’re given a solid and effective resolution, a respectful apology for the trouble, and a means of making the issue right or practicing autonomy to right the wrong, a customer is much more likely to return to your business. Ironically, they may be persuaded to try you again even more than if an order takes place with no issues, because you’ve proven yourself despite the struggle.

So – giving staff the autonomy to resolve issues, to make reports, and to offer recompense where appropriate is key. Here they serve as your ambassadors, and your prior marketing promises are not only presented but embodied. They can more easily take care of every part of your platform when amazon web service consulting companies help structure your network in the most logical manner.

Social Media Use (& Appropriate Discipline)

A growing number of brands are enacting stringent social media policies for their staff. Why is this? Well, because social media can be a difficult and combative place. While your staff have a right to discuss their political leanings, to debate with others online, and to complain all day about everything if they’d like to, it can reflect on your firm if they do so with obvious connections to you.

Structuring a social media policy in advance with a plan of action for a PR or security crisis, a simple guidance plan for social media use, and making certain that any personally identifying information is detached from their place of work can be helpful. The latter may be optional, but it’s still worthwhile.

But where is the value for your marketing here? Well, preventing a team of possibly hundreds from harming your business via improper social media use is a victory in itself. Sometimes; no news is good news, and a team you can trust in this regard is a great asset.


Upselling is a sales tactic by which a client who wishes for a given service is gently persuaded to buy more, perhaps in combination with their main purchase intent, or as a promotion your staff has the autonomy to offer. Think of a car salesman convincing a new driver to purchase a winter kit for their car. Your salesperson hasn’t manipulated the client, only convinced them to enjoy a better experience. 

Helping your staff undergo training and teaching them ways to carefully suggest certain additions can be key. There’s a fine line to draw here; and so your best natural sellers, remaining informed and aware of the deals you have in place, can generate and convert more sales leads than you have ever expected.

Employee Satisfaction

Treat your staff right, and they’ll review your business positively on apps like GlassDoor and more. If your employees give positive reviews about working for your business, it will attract better and more talent when you have positions open.

After all, it’s not just customers or clients a growing firm has to appeal to, but also those who will staff their ranks and potentially deliver the vision of the future.

With this advice, you’re certain to use your staff as one of your greatest marketing assets.

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