Your Video Has No Views? Here’s What You Should Do.

You have spent so much time in planning and creating a video about your business and yet no one has viewed it yet. Kind of disheartening, right? Don’t worry. You can do something to increase your views in no time.

First, you have to know why no one is viewing your video. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is the content relevant?
  • Is the content helpful or beneficial to my target market?
  • Is the content presented in an organized and understandable manner?
  • Is it interesting or boring?
  • Are all the elements right? (Sound quality, video quality, etc.)

You should try to assess these things as honest as you can so you can pinpoint what might be the weakness of your video. You can also try to join a forum wherein people with the same interests are members of. You can post your video there and ask for their feedback. Do not get hurt if you get negatives ones, instead, take these constructively so you can improve your video.

Once you have improved your video, all you have to zero in how to share it to your target viewers. Make sure that your video has a good search engine optimization (SEO) so that it will rank well with Google and YouTube. What to take note of in optimizing your video:

  • File name should include relevant keywords, even before uploading.
  • Complete tags and description.
  • Don’t spam on tags.
  • Make sure that all the keywords and phrases you use are relevant to your business. Websites like YouTube can detect spam videos and words.

After you have optimized your video well, share and ping the URL of your video on all available avenues – your website, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, your friends’ websites, etc. Doing this will help your video be noticed by Google and will yield higher search rankings. You can also share it in forums or community websites that already have a great following. Make sure that your video is relevant to that website, otherwise, they will ignore it. You should also enable embedding options that allow viewers to share your video on their own websites or blogs. The more presence your video has online, the better your search ranking will be on Google and YouTube.

You also have to take note that YouTube looks at the ratings and views whenever it ranks a video. Encourage your visitors to comment or rate your videos. You can also leave notes for them to like your video and watch other videos of your business.

Creating great awareness for a single video may be tedious but it will definitely pay off in the end. Just ensure, from start to finish, that you produce a quality video that clearly conveys what you want to say. It is better to be simple and understandable compared to some flashy video that no one understands.

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