Why Isn’t Anyone Noticing Your Business?

pexels-lukas-590041-1-800x529  You’re running marketing campaigns, yet nobody seems to notice your business. It’s almost like you’re in a movie, and you are invisible to all the consumers out there. That doesn’t sound like the best movie plot ever invented, and it’s also not the case. You aren’t invisible, it’s just that people aren’t noticing you for one of many reasons.

Below, you’ll find out why people are either not turning towards your business or noticing you but ignoring you…

You’re Using the Wrong Type of Marketing

First and foremost, how are you marketing your business? Are you investing in lots of traditional forms of marketing, like print advertising, TV ads, and so on. If this is the case, the problem might be that you are investing in these things. A traditional approach doesn’t work for everyone, and it might not work for you. Instead, switching to digital marketing could help you become more visible.

The opposite can sometimes be true; if all your efforts are digital, and you’re still not being noticed, maybe you need to switch to more traditional approaches? Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing, which will be discussed in the next point!

You’re Not Targeting the Right People

If you are using the wrong type of marketing, the chances are you’re not paying attention to your target audience. Who are the people on this planet that will be interested in your business? You must create customer personas to understand the demographic behind your ideal customers. This lets you know what they are like, what their interests are, and how they are likely to interact with your business.


From here, you can choose marketing techniques that target these people. Effectively, you are making it more likely that they will see you. What tends to happen is you market to nobody in particular, and no one will turn your way. Someone might see your marketing material, but they have zero interest in your business, so they ignore it without making an interaction.

Your Timings Are All Wrong

Marketing is all about timing things perfectly. As a very random example to express this point, imagine your business sells Christmas decorations. Now, imagine you start marketing your business in April. Do you think anyone will pay attention to you? No, because it is nowhere near Christmas. Instead, you should start your campaign in the fall, where the Christmas spirit is starting to heat up.

On a more specific level, the timing of things like social media posts or adverts are also crucial. Again, it goes back to understanding your target audience – when are they most likely to be active? If they are active between 5-10 pm and inactive between 7 am-4 pm, when is the best time to put up a social media post? If you stick one up at 10 am, none of your audience is around to see it. Get the timings right, and more people will notice your business.

Mostly, a lack of visibility isn’t down to a lack of marketing, but a lack of knowledge in how to market your business. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that any marketing is helpful – you need to know what techniques to use, who to target, and when to time everything!

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