Where To Find Inspiration For Original Content

where-to-find-inspiration-for-original-content  Many business owners have confessed having a hard time in finding inspiration for original content. While it may take a lot of time and effort to craft original pieces, finding the inspiration is actually a lot easier than you may think. Numerous sources of inspiration are often forgotten or overlooked completely when in fact they can end up being a viable means of producing original content. Below we have a short comprehensive list of places you probably haven’t been looking for inspiration but should have been all along.

1. Sales Team

Your sales team deals with your customers on a steady basis. They figure out what marketing techniques are working and which ones are not via how much your products are selling at any given time. They deal one on one with the customers, so they probably have a pretty good idea as to what your customers need more information about it. Do your customers need more information on certain products, features, or topics pertaining to your business? Is there a sale you should be running and promoting? Just ask your sales team!

2. Marketing Team

Your marketing team is probably full of ideas pertaining to their own particular niche. Anything related to general marketing, social media, and keywords can be found out from your marketing team. They also have a very good grasp on what keywords are trending right now, offering you a solid starting point for all of your content.

3. Customer Service

Your customer service representatives know exactly what questions your customers are asking. Whether it be about your business, your products, your website, or your storefront your customer service representatives can tell you exactly what your customers want to know!

4. Customers

What better place to come up with original content than going straight to the source? Personally interacting with your customers- both online and off- can give you inspiration for a whole slew of articles. Not only interacting with your customers will help, but also paying attention to what they are saying about your business and niche in general.

5. Friends & Family

Not sure where to find inspiration? Sometimes you need look no further than your closest friends and family members. They may actually be gold mines full of interesting ideas that you can aim towards your audience. In fact, they are probably itching to give you a few ideas so why not allow them?

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