What Off-Site Activities Will Optimize Your SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization, or the art of making sure your website will rank high in search engine results, is a mandatory part of every marketing strategy. Search engines such as Google or Bing will ensure your website can be found organically, ensuring your digital presence can grow naturally. Unlike advertising, SEO relies entirely on clean strategies, such as learning your data analytics and creating an informative and relevant blog. You can also reach out to professionals to support your SEO effort, such as an SEO agency that can tailor your activity to meet the latest algorithm changes. Copywriting services will also be a game-changer for small businesses. It can be tricky for a small team to make time to curate a blog, so it’s a good idea to leave it to a professional SEO writer.

But boosting your SEO rankings doesn’t only involve on-site work. There’s a lot you can do online and offline that will also boost your rankings. Here is an example of some of the hardest-working non-SEO activities that have positive SEO results.

Make Your Brand Name Visible

Ranking algorithms monitor the popularity of a brand. Popular brands are more likely to appear high in the rankings because search engines react to search volumes. Therefore, getting your brand on every mouth (and keyboard) will help boost your position in SERPs. Something as simple as branded vehicle wraps should be designed for brand awareness and customer acquisition. However, they also have a positive influence on SEO as people who see the vehicle in town will be searching online for the brand name or the catchphrase. Ultimately, not everyone will remember the URL or phone number they’ve seen in traffic. But they are likely to remember enough to google it at a later point. A banner campaign will also have a similar effect on local SEO. Boosting branded keyword search encourage search engines to bring your website higher in the results.

Share Your Message with Other Experts

Informative content is a great thing. But with over a billion blogs on the web, it’s tough to stand out against the competition. Yet, you can become a guest expert on other platforms. Guest blogging is popular. But the truth is that competition is still intense, even when you publish on another blog. It’s worth considering platforms that receive less competition. As of April 2021, there are approximately 2 million podcasts and around 850,000 active podcasts where you could appear as a guest. Getting booked as a guest on a podcast allows you to promote your expertise and get your brand out there. As most podcasts include a short bio of the guest, you’ll also share your website URL. But even if listeners don’t check the bio, they’re likely to search online to find out more about you. The same principle also applies to vlogs, with over 31 million YouTube channels. Compared to blogs, it’s a less competitive environment.

Plan a Giveaway Event

Everybody wants to win a free gift. Running a competition on your social media profiles or directly in your venue will create a buzz of activities. Competitions serve a dual purpose. They drive brand awareness and also increase customer acquisition. But competition is also something people talk about and recommend. Online users are likely to hear or read about the competition and check your brand before entering. This will boost your rankings dramatically. Branded keywords, social media referrals, blog backlinks, there’s so much competition activities can do for SEO.

Tell Your Instagram Story


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Social media content naturally extends your SEO activities. Social media signals contribute to ranking, as the Google algorithm recognizes signals such as the number of tweets, Facebook shares, mentions on sites such as Reddit, Tumblr, etc. Additionally, social media activities enable backlink building. But, social media also increase brand awareness and brand search. Instagram stories are among the most popular tools to get noticed and create a buzz around your content. Creating a powerful Instagram story that combines a location and a hashtag and encourages viewers to share will drive brand awareness. What’s the first thing you do when you spot an unknown brand online? You research it, and so will other Instagram users.

Sponsor Local Communities

Be the company that supports the local communities. Whether you help fund food for the homeless or bring sports equipment to your local school, your brand will be mentioned. Local communities are quick to recognize angel investors and sponsors, which instantly boosts branded keyword search. After all, it’s only fair they want to know who is helping them.

In conclusion, you can use non-SEO activities to promote organic rankings. While it fair to say that these should come as add-ons on top of an existing SEO strategy, they can pack a surprising amount of influence. Are you ready to get on top of the SERPs?

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