Website Redesign and Development

Youโ€™ve already got a website โ€“ but what is it REALLY doing for your business?

Youโ€™ve got a website. You jumped on that bandwagon years ago. And itโ€™s been doing โ€œOK.โ€ But what if it could be doing โ€œgreat?โ€ What if there was more traffic coming to it? What if you were getting more leads? What if it was generating more sales? Would that be of interest to you?

If so, read onโ€ฆ

Like everything else, age DOES matter. If youโ€™re hoping that your site is going to generate more for your business using the same boring design youโ€™ve had for the past 5 years, dream on. Designs that were cool and hip just a few years ago are now stale. Modern designs are sleeker, graphics are flashier, the sites are more interactive โ€“ and the overall user experience is better. The old adage โ€œdonโ€™t judge a book by its coverโ€ does NOT apply; making a strong impression the first time someone comes to your site is critical to long-term success.

Overhauling your existing website doesnโ€™t just mean making it more aesthetically appealing, however. Optimization is also an essential ingredient. Older websites arenโ€™t optimized for current search engine algorithms and are likely not getting near as much traffic as they should be โ€“ which translates into lost revenue. Can your business really afford that?

WebDesignPage  If the answer is no, let us develop a website for you that will showcase your business an industry leader. Not only do we have professional website designers who will make your website stand out from the pack, we have a host of web design and development services that will make you a force to be reckoned with:

  • Customized design developed according to your requirements, including graphics that will enhance and support the messaging you are trying to convey.
  • Sites are designed using the latest programs and plug-ins to ensure maximum compliance with the latest search engine algorithms. Social media integration comes standard on all sites.
  • We can host your site on our servers โ€“ or transfer over to yours.
  • Logo designs and tailored graphic development available for an additional charge.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) packages are available, to ensure maximum visibility for your site internationally, nationally or locally.
  • We can even write your copy for you!

Need a revamped, dynamic and aesthetically pleasing website, but just arenโ€™t sure where to start? ย Do you want to establish a robust online presence and have a competitive edge that leaves your competition in the dust? ย Do you want your website to be found?ย  Or more important, would you like to transform your website from an expense into something that can actually generate substantial amounts of revenue for your business?

If your answer is yes, CONTACT US today for a complimentary website assessment and preliminary analysis.