Website Design Trends Heading Into 2018

ux-788002_640-300x199  Predicting website design trends is obviously an inexact science, based mostly on what we see in the current year, but for me, I think 2018 is going to be all about using bold, bright colors in interesting ways. I think the stigma a few years ago was that you wanted to tone down the colors and get back to basics, but users have been increasingly attracted to landing pages that are splashed with deep, vibrant colors that draw the eye and compel visitors to explore. That doesn’t mean flashy, but it does mean bright, vivid colors that draw attention.

And then I think the trend towards high-definition, deep-focus images will continue to grow, because users are rejecting stock photos, and are even frowning on original photos that feel staged and unnatural. I also think more websites will experiment with color schemes in their images, whether it’s using sepia-tones or classic black and white, because those types of photos are eye-catching and can help compel a call to action such as clicking for more content.

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