Top Qualities to Look for When Hiring Employees


Hiring the ideal employee can help you take your business further. Be clear on what you need in and out of the office. Find qualified employees who have the technical skills but can provide a positive attitude in the work field. Here are some top qualities to look for when scouting new employees.


One of the first to look for in a potential employee is their confidence. Whether you need a healthcare staffing professional or a person that works the fry machine at a fast-food restaurant, a confident candidate can help you out.

Avoid someone arrogant and disrespectful. Look at the confidence and how each candidate presents themselves in the interview. Do they have conviction when they speak?

Do they sound sure of what they can achieve for your brand? Maybe you need someone not afraid to go into the trenches during crunch time. Confidence shows a lot before they begin to work with you.

Working with a Team

A new employee must be able to work in a team setting. Every member has a role, which can help bring everyone together to meet a common goal. You want everyone on your team to like and respect the new employee.

While a single employee brings a great skill set to the company, it goes for naught if they fail to work with others. You talk to an employee and ask them questions about their collaborative projects. Were they able to create new ideas with their coworkers?

Also, it gives you an idea if they can bring that same passion to the current job position you need to fill.

Fits the Culture

You might have a mission statement or a specific ethos that keeps everyone together on the job. Adding culture to your brand can help you stand out for other people in your niche. Additionally, you want someone that people like to keep the pace of the workplace.

Are they enjoyable to be around while working? Could they go to an after-hours event right after work? You want good chemistry between each person in and out of the office.

Also, see how they can adapt to a hybrid or remote work pattern. It can help you gauge if the candidate can roll with the punches.

Potential to Grow

Potential is what makes a business expand. Sure, a potential employee might have a spotless record, and their resume is off-the-charts. However, this does little to prove they can blend with a company that continues to modernize at light speed.

You want them to grow into their roles and take on other projects. Can they quickly adjust when you change your infrastructure?

Maybe they have a Master’s Degree and certificates that show they went beyond the protocol. The small details can help you see that they want to evolve to the next level.

Can Speak Up at Meetings

While meetings might seem like a drag, they can be productive with the right energy. It gives you a chance to see what people want to build and those who simply agree with the status quo.

Pick someone who can present some new strategies to the table to help the company function more optimally. It shows their β€œtake charge” attitude to bring the brand to another level. You want employees but need some leaders who aren’t afraid to step up when the time comes.

It shows their value and can help bring more synergy to your team.

Dressing for Success

The first impression is everything when you hire a new employee. Does the candidate have a professional appearance? Do they look like they dress for the job they want to pursue?

It shows solid care that they have a clean look to feel like they’re already a part of the company. Whether they have a business casual look for Friday or a power-tie meeting on Thursday afternoon, you can tell they adhere to the company culture.

It makes it easier for you to hire them because they envision themselves in the new job position.


You want your employees to be prompt each step of the way. Being on time means showing up to the job and meeting deadlines. It shows that they understand the value of time.

It keeps everyone on an even footing to help create more unison in the company. Also, it shows respect for themselves and the company.

You want your employees to have quality skills in the office and social settings to keep that balance up. Hire candidates that fit the bill in multiple ways.

About the Author

mandy-kramer  Milli Beamer has been helping employers find qualified employees using staffing agencies. She now wants to share her knowledge with others.

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