The Top Email Marketing Trick You Should Be Using To Boost Your Open Rates

communication-connection-contemporary-261706-1-300x225  These days, a solid email marketing campaign is a crucial tool in any robust online marketing strategyโ€™s toolbox. Subscribing to a weekly newsletter is easyโ€”all it takes is one click. But what happens after the person in question is signed up to your mailing list? How can you ensure they actually open as many emails as possible?

The trick lies in ensuring the content within the email is eye-catching enough to merit a click, and engaging enough to guarantee that the email in its entirety actually gets read. We can all relate to scrolling past dozens of marketing email campaigns that either look too boring, or too formulaic, or simply donโ€™t capture our attention like they should.

The good news is that there are a few, very straightforward email marketing tricks you can adapt to fit your digital marketing needs. Boosting the rate at which people open your emails is the single most significant way you can influence the overall success of your campaign. Read on to discover below the single best strategy you can use to do exactly this.

Categorize Your Lists

The fact of the matter is that not everybody signed up to your campaign is looking for the same thing. Depending on the service you provide, they may in fact be interested in you for completely different reasons. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to break up your complete list of email subscribers into different categories, to more effectively market your services to those who are eager to listen.

It sounds simple, right? Thatโ€™s because it is. The best ideas are usually incredibly simple. But not only is it simple, it makes perfect sense. Youโ€™re more likely to open an email if itโ€™s directly addressing the needs you have, arenโ€™t you? Your customers are no different, and the most savvy digital marketing firms are well aware of this. While breaking up your entire list into different categories may seem intimidating, thereโ€™s no reason it needs to be.

This Sounds Great, But How Do I Do It?

One easy way to segment the list is to assign your subscribers tags according to their purchase behavior historyโ€”i.e., once somebody has bought one of your products, they receive different emails than those who have yet to buy anything. You could also arrange your lists by location, or even by what it is they seem to be interested in: product / service purchase history is a great place to start.

The more you can break your list of subscribers up, the more specifically you can create email content that speaks to their exact needs. And the more precisely you can differentiate between the various reasons your email subscribers signed up in the first place, the better you can ensure that your emails get opened. After that, itโ€™s up to the quality of the content to keep them interested.

Ensuring Engagement With Targeted Campaigns

If youโ€™d like to learn more about how precisely you can target your email campaign, contact today, and tell us about what it is youโ€™re looking for. Not only do we understand how important it is to make sure that your emails get opened, weโ€™re also experts at advising you on how to create content that makes the reader want more. Get in touch today and ask us how we can help customize a complete digital marketing strategy in accordance with your specific requirements.

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