The Most Common Excuses for Poor Social Media Marketing

social-media-300x300  There are many people that have convinced themselves that social media marketing is not at all about sales. Instead that it is about β€œbeing social” and interacting with people and creating a β€œfun” brand image. The fact is that if this is how they approach social media, they are essentially wasting time, effort and resources.

Marketing, in general, is a method that businesses can use to influence consumer behavior. When the marketing becomes a simple two-way conversation and the salespeople are no longer selling, it can mean no sales. While it may be fun to simply socialize on social networks, this is not a method that will keep a business in business, which is obviously crucial to success.

There is a wide array of things that businesses do each and every day to make them appear and feel as though they have worked hard and actually accomplished something. Social media is one of these. Modern social media teams are connected with a lot of people, which are supposed to be driving to awareness of the brand as well as conversions. But when it comes down to numbers, businesses must consider if they are actually getting any sales. If there are no sales, chances are there are enough excuses to go around.

Classic Excuse Number 1: Social media is only to raise awareness, much like billboards.

There is a huge difference in social media and billboards. Social media can talk back. There are no conversations, answers or possibility of a billboard telling you anything other than the information that is listed. While they can make you aware of something, customers must act to find out more, such as visit a website or call the business. With social media these answers can be provided right away, this is the extra information that leads to a sale.

Classic Excuse Number 2: The product is not of superior quality.

And? This is a fact of thousands of products that are on the market today. The fact is that even the most unappealing product can become appealing with the proper spin. If a social media team member cannot or will not do this, they should not be in the business. The key is to find the right audience and then connect with them about the product, no matter personal views.

Classic Excuse Number 3: It is difficult to connect sales figures with social media data.

There is no need to continually try to compare the numbers. Instead, record the numbers prior to starting a social media campaign, a new promo, launching a video or running a contest and then look at them again at the conclusion of the activity. If no more sales have been achieved, then it is time to try another strategy. If there are more sales, now is the time to double down on it.

Classic Excuse Number 4: Social media is strictly for building demand and interest.

Yes, while this is true, action must be taken to turn this demand and interest into sales. The fact is that once the interest and demand is gained, this is the time to act. This is a captive audience that needs to be told what to do next. This means that the social media team should be increasing awareness of the product or service and then making this audience aware of the action that can be taken to obtain this product or service.

Classic Excuse Number 5: This is what the client requested.

In some cases the client is wrong. It is important to listen to what the client wants to achieve, more than how they want you to achieve it. If the ideas they provide are not working, it is important to show data which supports this fact.

The fact is that social media should not be all sales or all social. Businesses need to work to create a harmony that will lead to conversions from social media efforts. No more excuses, as these just hold any campaign back from reaching its full potential.

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