The Importance of Visuals in Your Marketing Strategy

When did you last read through reams of text when browsing a website? When did you last read from cover to cover a brochure that was primarily text-based? Chances are, you probably didn’t spend a lot of time finding out what the particular business had to offer, and that is for two very good reasons.

1. You’re a busy person and you don’t have time to spend a long time reading.


2. Reading a lot of text can sometimes feel like a chore.

Of course, even if you did read the text in front of you, you may not have remembered what was said anyway. This is because 80% of people remember what they see as opposed to what they read, according to data, so the same might be true for you.

Hence the importance of visuals in your marketing strategy. Not everybody will have time to read through the text you present to them, which is why graphic design is important for both your online and your offline marketing. And if they can receive the information they need through a few custom illustrations, they aren’t going to forget your brand message in a hurry.

When it comes to your marketing, it’s important to remember other aspects of marketing too. We are thinking of your logo and the design of your website, as examples. You need to create an excellent first impression with both, which is why you don’t want to be negligent when it comes to their visual appeal. When something has been thoughtfully designed, you are guaranteed to stand out from those competitors who haven’t put a lot of thought into their visual marketing.

So, to grab the attention of your potential customers, and to ensure your messaging and brand images aren’t forgotten, pay attention to visuals in your marketing strategy. You can do this through your in-house team if you have experts on your side, or you can outsource to a graphic design agency. The following infographic compares two popular agencies, Dark Roast and Design Pickle, so consider their services if you do decide to hire another firm.

Infographic designed by Design Pickle vs Darkroast

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