The Facebook Posts Which Generate You The Most Leads

facebook-300x219  Facebook occupies a very critical position when it comes to online marketing and lead generation. From its initial lukewarm response by many brands in the marketplace, the social media platform’s application as a key marketing and branding platform has witnessed some tremendous growth in the last 5 years. Today, virtually all businesses have actively established an active profile. And as inbound marketing takes centre-stage as a core marketing strategy, Facebook continues to take a central position as an online marketing tool. In 2013, Facebook accounted for some 52% of the leads generated by inbound marketers which clearly illustrates its importance in your lead generation efforts. There are many ways in which you can leverage your Facebook presence so as to generate the most leads for your business.

Include a Call-to-Action on your Cover Photos

This was previously disallowed by Facebook but it is now possible after the social network removed a clause which prohibited users from employing CTAs on their cover photos.Β  It is thus possible to add CTAs on your cover photos to help in generate lots of leads. This is important because the cover photo is one of the most visible and captivating elements of your Facebook page and many users will train their eyes here when visiting your page.

Incorporate some links in your captions

People are more likely to respond to images on your Facebook page than an β€œordinaryβ€œtext-based post. A photo update on a Facebook page usually receives many more likes. One way to leverage this is by adding links and contact details to your photo updates to help you in generating additional leads.

Create landing pages with dedicated content

A dedicated landing page is always a highly versatile conversion tool. There are many apps which you may use to design landing pages that are highly appealing. It is always advisable to build them around specific product offerings such as coupons and discount vouchers, eBook downloads, webinars, events and many other content types which you may be interested in pushing to your users. A word of caution regarding this technique is that it is not very user-friendly as you are β€œforcing” the hand of the user to do as you wish. It is always better to include the feature on a separate tab and give your fans the freedom to choose what they want as discussed in the next point.

Create forms on your Facebook tabs

Here you may need some coding help unless you are familiar with the technical intricacies of building Facebook application but forms are usually a highly effective way of generating direct leads for your business. You can tailor the message to meet your needs in multiple ways. For example, you can offer your fans some incentives for signing up on your forms such as free eBooks, coupons and discount vouchers amongst others. By separating the forms from your main Facebook page posts, you offer your fans an option and convenience and they are not interrupted by unnecessary distraction when browsing your Facebook page.

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