Social Media Trends For Businesses 2018

laptop-2591245_640-300x200  In 2018, you’ll see brands shifting their social media marketing away from the Millennial audience to the generation that’s coming up behind them. So instead of targeting that 25 to 35 age group, brands are going to focus more on audiences that are 8 to 22, and if you think that’s too young, think again.

The average 8 year-old in the U.S. is more technologically savvy than ever before, and is all over social media. Kids are growing up in a consumer culture that is taking place largely on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat. And the buying power and influence of this age group is growing every year. 40 year-old adults don’t create YouTube stars, 10 to 14 year-old kids create them.

Marketers are going to try to find ways to increase their use of AR in social media campaigns. How do you take the PokΓ©mon Go frenzy, and apply it to social media campaigns for products and services? How can you leverage gamification and AR to create something new and interesting? AR has so many tantalizing possibilities, because it’s immersive, interesting and interactive. Finding ways to crack the AR code for social media is going to be one of the major social media trends of 2018.

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