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The difference between first and second place is greater than you think…

A recent study found that the top position on Google in organic search results had a 24.9% click through rate.  The second position had only an 11.4% click through rate.  Yes, you read that correctly – over a 50% decline.  And the 10th spot had a mere 5.3% click through rate.

If these numbers aren’t a startling wakeup call about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we don’t know what is.

SEO is a set of methodologies that makes it easier for search engines to find, categorize, index, and rank web content.  Proper SEO guides the development of a website so that it naturally attracts visitors by winning top rankings on all the major search engines for selected keywords and keyword phrases.  A successful SEO campaign is the single most effective online marketing tactic for generating conversions, delivering visitors that are looking specifically for a company’s products and services using associated keyword searches. These types of visitors are of high value since many are on the verge of changing their status from visitor to consumer.  Often times, these people are already sold on a product and are searching for the easiest way to make the purchase, be it from the site directly or the nearest physical location.

A properly optimized website is critical part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. Poor SEO might not only restrict your websites performance in search rankings, it could also lower your conversions and increase your bounce rates.

Proper SEO involves developing a targeted strategy and approach, which is based upon overall business objectives, target audience demographics, media mix, value proposition, creative development, strategic messaging, and analytics. Once you’ve come up with your strategy, the real fun begins – implementation. There’s keyword research & tracking, competition analysis, baseline reporting, link building, content analysis, and SEO copywriting. Oh, and let’s not forget monthly tracking and reporting. After all, getting to the top and staying at the top are two different tasks. Search engines constantly update their algorithms, meaning that a site ranking well 6 months ago might not be ranking well today.

If this sounds overwhelming, trust us, it is. The good news is that you aren’t alone, and help is just a click away.

To survive the demanding world of SEO, you need a skilled partner who can provide you with the edge you need to beat your competition. We can help you do more than just survive in your industry; we can help you thrive by applying proven inbound marketing strategies to your products and services.

The end result? Higher search engine rankings, more traffic, lower bounce rates, and increased leads.

Services offered include:

  • Onsite and Offsite SEO analysis – A comprehensive review of individual pages of your website and suggestions for changes to optimize each page for the most appropriate keyword you wish to target. This includes analyzing your title and header tags, keyword tags, meta tags, URLs, anchor text, and photo tags. We then take this one step further to see WHERE you are actually ranking with the search engines (and trust us, the answers may surprise you).
  • Keyword research – In depth keyword research to uncover the terms driving traffic to your site, as well as competitor sites. It’s imperative to know the search terms your customers are looking for.
  • Linking campaigns –  Link building from the appropriate sites, including those your competitors use, and top authority links they usually can’t get. The formula mixes quantity and quality back links with a solid website optimization strategy. Quantity links come from directories and quality back links come from authority sites, topic specific web sites, and content related pages.
  • Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization – Customized ranking reports and analytics data, which shows the amount of traffic coming to your website and where it’s coming from.  With the proper metrics in place, you can even track user activity once on your website.  This not only allows you monitor how well each webpage performs, but it lets you track your conversion ratios for different keywords.  With this data, you are then able to determine your traffic-to-lead ratios.  Adjustments are made based on this information, so you’re no longer ranking for keywords with the greatest volume, but for those that have the highest conversion ratios.
  • New for 2014 – PPC Spy – if you’re thinking about PPC’s, you NEED to have this customized report.  Know what your competition is doing BEFORE you set up your own campaign (trust us, this can prevent headaches and save you tons of money on wasted clicks)
  • New for 2014 – Local SEO, the absolute easiest way to gain a leg-up on competitors in your own back yard!
  • New for 2014 – Mobile SEO,  one of the most under-utilized marketing strategies… and one of the most effective!

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