Relevant Content Equals Increased Traffic

webtraffic  You have decided to launch a website for a product or service that your business is currently providing, only to realize that a mere description of the product (or service) and some hyperlinks are not sufficient enough to warrant success in reaching your target audience. Your website suffers from low visitor count and as a consequence, your profit and sales do not reach their true potential. The reason for this is that you are not properly taking advantage of the greatest marketing tool out there; the Internet.

What is required for a business website to be successful?Β Β  Here is where content writing comes into the equation. Content writing is writing with the purpose of reaching specific target audiences in order to: a) inform readers about a specific product or service offered by your business, b) promote your product or service in any way conceivable; For example, content writing could suggest possible usage of a product outside its β€œnormal” perceived or advertised uses, and most importantly c) to ultimately sway the reader towards making a purchase. Good content writing or its absence thereof can make or break an online business.

In order to achieve said goals, content writing needs to be creative, fresh, engaging and informative. Content however, need not be directly limited to your product. It can be content that is indirectly relevant to your business yet relevant enough to guarantee visitation to your website. A high visitor count does not only guarantee high target-audience accessibility and readability, it also comes with many other benefits.Β  Other successful online businesses might want to affiliate with your business and could bring even more readers to your website, or online ad agencies would want to place advertisements on your website for a fee, thus making your whole online venture even more profitable.

A website needs to be constantly active and β€œalive”, meaning that it must be updated with new and relevant content on a frequent basis to draw in more potential readers/customers and keep old customers visiting. A business must not solely focus on new customers alone, because the truth of the matter is that a satisfied and engaged customer is a returning customer.

Another important thing to know about successful content writing, is how to choose and include the most sought out search-engine keywords into your content according to keyword density and other relevant factors. This will enable your content to appear in the search results of a user searching Google, or any other search engine of their preference for something that is relevant to the product or service you are selling. Relevance is key to success.

If your business is following an Integrated Marketing Communications approach and strategy, it is a wise tactic to coordinate your website’s content with the Advertising, PR and Social Media marketing departments. These techniques and management of IMC, can be quite successful if all of the departments responsible for promoting your product work in unison and harmony.

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