Q&A: Super Bowl Marketing Opportunities

super-bowl-300x158  The Super Bowl is usually seen as a massive marketing opportunity for big brands, and sometimes that means that smaller businesses take a timeout, thinking that they can’t compete. But that’s not true, and usually it’s simply a lack of having a viable strategy that is the biggest reasons small business owners don’t maximize the feeding frenzy generated by the Super Bowl.

So what exactly can a small business do for the Big Event?

One of the most effective ways to take advantage of the Super Bowl is to tie the results of the game into some kind of promo or discount. For example, an ecommerce site could offer a discount if the quarterback of either team throws for more than 500 yards.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar that isn’t a restaurant or cafΓ©, you can still hold a Super Bowl event if you can mount big-screen TVs at your location. For example, a bookstore could hold a Super Bowl event for patrons and offer discounts on all sports-themed books for the duration of the game.

Social media offers other great opportunities, especially with the increasing popularity of Instagram Stories. You could invite users to post their best Super Bowl-themed videos, whether that means them wearing their favorite uniforms, or playing football in their backyards. Viewers could then vote on their favorites who would receive some kind of freebie or a discount toward a purchase.

The Super Bowl can also inspire more local-based marketing opportunities. For example, a charitable organization could sponsor a Saturday Super Bowl Game on the day before the real Super Bowl, and invite the community to attend the game for a nominal fee that would go to support the charity. And to increase community involvement, the charity could make it a potluck, and urge visitors to bring their favorite dish. This increases brand awareness through community involvement that helps create personal connections tied around a game that is all about bringing people together, even if they support different teams.

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