Q&A: The Future Technology of Social Media Advertising

social-media-marketing-300x200  One of the biggest trends in the future of socialΒ media advertising will be the importance of mobile advertising. We know that mobile has now inched over the 50 percent mark when it comes to how users access the Internet, so the trend is clearly moving toward consumers who are on the go.

So how does it change the nature of social media advertising?

Well, there are huge opportunities on platforms like Periscope for short, targeted video ads that are concise, informative and valuable. The challenge for marketers who are used to longer-form video ads is finding ways to make 10 and 20-second ads that tell a story and sell a brand in a very limited amount of time. Brands that can capitalize on this type of format are going to capitalize on mobile advertising in a big way.

This also means that businesses must have responsive websites, which are optimized to provide the same outstanding customer experience when a user is on a mobile device as when a user is at a desktop. Despite the dire warnings we’ve been seeing for the past few years, a lot of businesses haven’t created mobile websites that match the performance of websites built for desktop viewers, and as a result, they are losing prospects at a dizzying rate

One other thing is that measuring mobile advertising ROI across different social media platforms will remain a challenge because every channel has a walled garden that doesn’t translate, which makes apples to apples comparisons very difficult.

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