Q&A: Automotive Marketing Ideas

marketing-ideas-300x199  If you’re in charge of the marketing efforts at an auto dealership – and are looking to get a leg up on your competition heading into Memorial Day weekend – here are 2 tried and proven strategies you cannot afford to miss:

1. Β Always remember that referrals are the lifeblood of an automotive business, so I would recommend an emphasis on online reputation management marketing. That means making sure that you make it easy for customers to make referrals online, providing incentives for customers to do so, and making sure you respond quickly to both negative and positive reviews. Reputation management includes social media monitoring that analyzes negative and positive content on social media platforms, and emphasizes transparency.

2.Β Get local. Sponsoring local events is an outstanding way to interact with the community. You don’t have to spend a lot of money with sponsorship, especially if you target smaller events. But when you’re a sponsor, you are given the opportunity to post your company’s website info on the newsletter that announces the event in your local community. This helps drive newer prospects to your website (you better have one), and can help boost your presence in the community.

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