Pinterest Vocabulary – Understanding The Pinterest Lingo

Pinterest is one of the “it” social marketing tool nowadays. You will be able to maximize it to your advantage if you fully understand this popular bookmarking site. There are some terms that you should know so you can easily utilize Pinterest and generate more traffic and income for your business and website.

Pinterest: a website where one can pin or post interesting images

Board: A posting page or area for pinners to post and re-pin images to allow other Pinterest users to

view their images. It is fully editable – one can add and remove images whenever needed.

Pin or Pinning: the act of posting, uploading, or adding a picture to the user’s Pinterest board.

Re-pin or Re-pinning: the action in which another Pinterest user is interested on a particular image on your board and would pin the same image on their own board.

Pinners: the collective term for Pinterest users.; just like Followers is for Twitter.

Now that you know and understand these Pinterest terms, you can easily navigate and utilize Pinterest for your business’ benefit. If you still do not have a Pinterest account, you cannot just sign up for one. You have to be invited by an existing Pinterest member. Your Facebook friends or followers who are interested in your business can send you one so they can interact with you on Pinterest. So, you can beef up your photos posted on Facebook and on Twitter so your followers will see that they should invite you to Pinterest.

Once you are on Pinterest, immediately share photos of your products or photos relevant to your services so you can get your photos re-pinned and liked. You should also remember to link your website to your images so your audience can be immediately directed to relevant web pages of yours – instant increase in traffic!

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