Pinterest – The Facebook Of 2012?

You have a good number of Facebook Fans. You also have a lot of followers on Twitter. What’s next? In addition to keeping the quality of the content you post on your social media site, you can’t help but think of other avenue to make your brand’s presence felt. That’s where Pinterest comes in.

Pinterest is a social media website that allows its members to post or pin, in Pinterest lingo, photos. Not just any photos but relevant and high quality ones that represent your product or service. Like Facebook and Twitter, the more fans or followers you have, the more people you reach. What’s great about Pinterest is that sharing is easy to do and it spreads like wildfire!

The interest and “shareability” of the images you post are key in creating brand awareness on Pinterest. Once you post an image to any of your Pinterest boards, your Pin (the image you “pinned” on your board) will be posted on all the feeds of your followers – just like in Facebook. If your Pin would catch their eye, they will look at it and probably Re-Pin (the act of re-posting an image that is already pinned on another’s board) it on their own boards. This fantastic rippling effect can happen to you! Your image can end up being re-pinned on hundreds or thousands of other boards. Imagine how many potential clients you will reach with that – all the more with Pinterest’s 10 million users. Yes, 10 million.

You can also pin videos – another fantastic way of doing video marketing. Your video will be viewed and shared in a more dynamic way because it is like a photo / video blog with a fun layout. Just like your pinned photos, your videos can reach millions of potential clients. Reaching millions of people for free? Yes, Pinterest is that amazing.

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