15 Creative Ways For Medical Practices to Get More Google Reviews 

Whether you like it or not, online reviews have become an indispensable part of the decision-making process for potential patients. 

Positive reviews can bolster your medical practice’s reputation and instill trust in your services.  And negative reviews, well, have quite the opposite effect.

To help you harness the power of patient feedback, here are 15 creative ideas to collect more online Google Business reviews from your patients.

1. Send Personalized Post-Appointment Emails

After each patient appointment, send a personalized follow-up email, thanking them for their visit. Politely request their feedback and provide a direct link to your Google Business review page.  The goal here is to make it easy for them to share their experience.


 “Thank You for Choosing [Your Medical Practice]! We value your opinion. Kindly take a moment to share your thoughts on Google and help others discover the quality care we offer.

2.  Utilize SMS Review Requests

Incorporate a convenient SMS review request system to gather patient feedback. Send a short and friendly text message to patients after their appointment, along with a link to your Google Business page.


“Hi [Patient’s Name], we hope your recent visit to [Your Medical Practice] was satisfactory. Please share your experience with us by clicking the link below. Your feedback matters!”

3.  Train Staff to Request Reviews

Empower your medical staff to request reviews from satisfied patients. Instruct them to mention your Google Business page during patient check-out or discharge. The key is to encourage your patients to share their feedback willingly. Keep in mind that you must ensure they have a positive patient experience at your establishment for them to be inclined to give a positive review.


“Thank you for your kind words during your appointment. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Google Business page so that others can benefit from your experience.”

4.  Offer Wi-Fi with a Review Prompt

If your medical practice provides Wi-Fi access, customize the landing page to display a review prompt for patients connected to the network. This subtle reminder can boost the chances of receiving reviews.


“Stay Connected and Share Your Experience! 

Leave a Google review about your visit to [Your Medical Practice] while you enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi.”

5.  Create Engaging In-Office Signage

Design eye-catching posters or tabletop displays with QR codes leading directly to your Google Business page. Place these in strategic areas within your medical practice to encourage patients to review their experience.


“Your Feedback Matters! 

Scan the QR code and let us know how we’re doing. We appreciate your honest opinions.”

6.  Host a “Review Day” Event

Dedicate a specific day or week to a “Review Day” event. Offer patients small tokens of appreciation, such as branded merchandise or gift certificates to local businesses, in exchange for leaving a review.


“Join Us for Review Day! 

Leave a review during your appointment and receive a special gift as a thank-you for your valuable feedback.”

7.  Implement a Patient Feedback Survey

Create a patient feedback survey that patients can complete either online or in-person. Include a section where patients can indicate their consent to publish their responses as a review on your Google Business Listing.


“We Want to Hear from You! 

Complete our brief survey and let us know how we can enhance your experience at [Your Medical Practice].”

8.  Use Educational Videos for Review Requests

Produce educational videos featuring your medical practitioners or staff, where they discuss the importance of patient feedback. Include a call-to-action for patients to leave a review.


“Your Opinion Can Help Others! 

Watch our video to learn how your review can make a difference in the lives of potential patients.”

9.  Partner with Local Organizations

Collaborate with local organizations, such as community centers or schools, to organize health-related events. Request event attendees to leave reviews after learning about your practice’s involvement.


“Community Health Matters! 

Share your thoughts after attending our health talk at [Local Community Center] and support us in creating a healthier community.”

10.  Create Patient Testimonial Videos

Approach your happiest patients and ask them to record video testimonials. Publish these videos on your website and social media channels, along with a mention of leaving a review on Google Business.


“Patient Stories that Inspire! 

Watch how [Patient’s Name] benefited from our compassionate care, and feel free to share your own story on Google.”

11.  Offer Exclusive Reviewer Benefits

Designate a group of patients as “Preferred Reviewers” and provide them with exclusive benefits, such as priority appointment scheduling or access to health-related webinars.


“Join Our Preferred Reviewers’ Club!

Leave a review on Google, and enjoy exclusive perks as a token of our appreciation.”

12.  Host an Online Review Contest

Organize an online review contest with enticing prizes for participants. Encourage patients to write detailed and insightful reviews to increase their chances of winning.


“Review and Win Big! 

Share your journey with [Your Medical Practice] for a chance to win a wellness package worth $500.”

13.  Offer Incentives for Referrals and Reviews

Create a dual incentive program that rewards patients for both referrals and reviews. Patients who refer a friend and leave a review receive special benefits or discounts.


“Spread the Love, Share the Care! 

Refer a friend and leave a review to receive 20% off your next appointment.”

14.  Leverage Social Media Platforms

Regularly promote your Google Business page on various social media platforms. Share patient testimonials, positive feedback, and highlights from reviews to encourage others to leave their own feedback.


“Check Out What Our Patients Are Saying! 

Follow us on social media for a dose of inspiration from our amazing patient reviews.”

15.  Celebrate Milestones with Patients

Celebrate your medical practice’s milestones, such as anniversaries or achievements, with your patients. Encourage them to leave reviews as a show of support for your practice’s growth.


“Cheers to [X] Years of Excellence! 

Share your well wishes and fond memories on our Google Business page as we continue our journey together.”

It’s Time to Take Action

As a medical practice, online Google Business reviews play a vital role in building trust, attracting new patients, and establishing your reputation as a provider of quality healthcare services. 

Implementing these creative ideas to collect patient feedback will not only elevate your online presence, but it will also strengthen your bond with patients. Remember, authenticity and transparency are key to fostering lasting relationships with your patients, which in turn, will positively impact your bottom line..

Embrace the power of patient feedback, and watch your medical practice flourish!


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