Marketing Through the Eyes of the Customer

great-idea  Marketing through social media, content marketing or even email marketing requires a sense of creativity.

Even if you’re not exactly the creative type, marketing to your target audience is easy because you imagine what they would want or what kinds of ads they would like to see and you create them, or so you think.

With the help of surveys and questionnaires, you can get to the bottom of what it is your customer truly wants but are you really showing things the consumer can relate to or are you only relating your marketing through your eyes?

What the customer wants

What the customer wants or needs is the most important part of marketing, but it doesn’t necessarily relate to your product or services. It’s true – if the demand is high, then people will flock to your product despite what kind of marketing you use, but that usually isn’t the case.

When it comes to creating the perfect ad or marketing tactic, you must put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. What do they see when they view your ad? Do they see unrealistic scenarios or gimmicks? Do you offer proof and trust behind your products and services?

Consumers have grown tired of being marketed products that they don’t really need or that they don’t see it being used in their home. It is time to create real life situations that the customer can relate to and have a purpose for purchase.

Why it matters

Obviously pleasing the customer is important, but why does it really matter what the customer sees?

Ask someone close to you about their favorite soda. Many people will say Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Once they have answered, ask them to explain the background of Coca-Cola or why they enjoy it so much; ask them if the history even matters.

A lot of people will have absolutely no idea to why they love the product so much except for a short story or anecdote. Some people will say they remember being a child when a bottle of soda cost them ten cents and their mom or dad would give them just that for their allowance after a hard week’s work.

Others will say it was their first drink after hours of begging their parents to let them taste it because they were immediately attracted to the commercial and the big white polar bear associated with the drink.

Regardless of what the story is, people will tell you information about their favorite brands or companies based on how they perceive them. While the quality or taste of the product is important, there is more than that behind their reasoning.

Changing your marketing

It’s not necessary to entirely change your marketing techniques, especially if they are working for you but it is one way to improve the relationship between consumer and the business.

When your loyal customers are asked about your brand, you want them to be able to associate a real life situation with your company and show another potential customer why it is so important to them. Your audience won’t be expecting to relate to your company or business on such a personal level or be able to associate something in their past with your products or services.

If you don’t know where to begin, send out a short survey in your emails. The surveys will be relative to each individual business, but they can include questions such as:

  • When was the first time you saw _____?
  • Does anyone else in your family use ____? Did you influence their decision?
  • What is your favorite memory with our business?

These are just a few examples to get to the bottom of marketing through the eyes of a customer. If you’re still having trouble finding successful marketing tactics, sign up for our free newsletter. We can offer you exclusive marketing advice that you won’t find anywhere else.

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