Marketing Techniques: How to Use Digital Photos for Your Next Campaign

Now more than ever, people spend hours scrolling through dozens or even hundreds of images each day. The internet has made it possible to reach consumers no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

But in a world where people are used to seeing image after image, it’s important to stand out when creating a visual marketing campaign. One great photo can catch the attention of millions, while a bad one could go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Read on to learn the marketing techniques to try when using digital photos.


Professional Photos = Professional Brand Image

In today’s media landscape, brands must make themselves stand out from the amateurs when sharing digital photos. That’s why it’s crucial to create high-quality, professional photos.

Whether you have a large company or are interested in small business marketing, your campaign design should look like it was created by top professionals. Otherwise, consumers may not trust your brand and products.

Hiring a professional photographer and spending extra time in photo editing is crucial. While some editing can be done yourself, such as by using a free online background remover, it’s important to practice to make sure images look polished and professional.

Photograph Your Products

Showing your products front and center in your next campaign is a great way to show prospective customers exactly what you have to offer.

Photograph different angles and display key product features. If you use models, props, and other objects in your images, make sure your product still steals the spotlight. It should be clear to viewers what your campaign is promoting.

Follow Brand Colors and Imagery

Photos in your marketing campaign can establish and strengthen your business’s brand identity. They should tie in with brand colors, logos, and other imagery.

This will help make your branding appear cohesive and confident.

Make Images Aspirational

Your marketing campaign shouldn’t just be informativeβ€”it should be inspirational. Prospective customers should aspire to own your product.

For example, if you sell home goods, take a photo of your products in a dreamy living room or kitchen. If you sell activewear, have an inspiring athlete model the clothes in campaign shots.

That way, viewers will connect deeply to the product and feel propelled to make a purchase.

Relate Digital Photos to Text

Digital photos can be an important component in a marketing campaign, but they’re not the only important component.

Text also plays a key role. In fact, research shows that people who are considering buying a product quickly read the text in an advertisement, rather than just looking at the image.

Make sure your photos clearly relate to the copywriting text included, creating no confusion for prospective buyers.

Digital Photo Marketing Techniques

With so many images being shared and scrolled through online, it’s important that your digital photos stand out from the crowd. Use these marketing techniques when choosing photos for your next campaign.

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