Marketing Q&A: Small Business Owner Holiday Advice

blur-1867763_640-300x200  I think the most important things for small business owners who are new to the holiday season is that you have to create campaigns to take advantage of a time of year when consumers are more likely to spend their money. But the key is to make sure that your holiday campaign ties directly into your products and services. For example, if you’re a catering company, you can tap into the idea of holiday meals and craft a campaign around meals that people enjoy during that season. But  offer your own twist on these seasonal favorites.  Share some recipes.  Give people an opportunity to get to know you – and your company.  This not only helps your branding, but also ties directly into the core offer of your business: making great food.  Only AFTER you have done these types of things should you focus on how hiring your company can eliminate the stresses of the holiday season.  It’s not always necessary to be in-your-face from a marketing standpoint.  Sometimes less is more.

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