Marketing Q&A: How the Internet is Changing Advertising

laptop-2557572_640-300x200  Businesses across the spectrum are using data to change how they market their products and services based on analyses of the information they review. But the problem is that regardless of how specific the data is that you receive, you don’t always know how that data was culled, and what it really means. To me, it always goes back to understanding your target market and making sure that any big data you incorporate into your advertising & marketing plans doesn’t hit too broad of an audience.

I also think that customers are becoming savvier about how brands are seeking their input. Social media has given the individual so much more of a voice, and I think customers understand that they can have a huge impact on a company’s success just because of how loud they can be when they love a product, hate a product, love a campaign or hate a campaign. So I’m not sure customers are worried about privacy. That ship has sailed in the digital era where everyone wants to be heard at all costs… and often at the sake of giving upΒ anonymity.

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