LeadLaunch Services

LeadLaunch Services: Offering Solutions for Your Business

leadlaunch-services  Chances are you have had the annoying afternoon interruption from an over-eager telemarketer wanting to talk to you about the latest gizmo that’s going to transform your sales pipeline overnight. These unsolicited calls are frustrating, annoying and rarely work out for anyone’s benefit. Sadly, for as ineffective as they are, there are still businesses that embrace this practice – likely failing miserably in the process.

Unfortunately, for some this is the only method of lead generation they are aware of – call as many people as possible until you finally get the β€œYes” you have been waiting for. There is a better option, which is also far more effective: LeadLaunch.

Generally speaking a lead is a person that has, in some way, showed some type of interest in what you have to offer. However, instead of contacting random people who may have at one time clicked a link or looked at a catalogue, LeadLaunch will identify your potential customers on Social Media platforms and then sell to them in an appropriate way.

This strategy has been specifically designed for businesses that sell to other businesses. Your customer type will be identified on sites such as LinkedIn and then contacted with a targeted offer.

Why LeadLaunch is Different

getting-qualified-leads  LeadLaunch is not just another lead generation service. Instead it is a highly targeted and professional effort to generate qualified leads that are actually ready to take action and putting them right in your inbox. Other unique features of this service include:

  • Ability to save your time, manpower and resources
  • Gains prospects attention with a warm approach
  • Protect your brand while qualifying leads via LinkedIn
  • Receive a conversion rate that is significantly more than other methods
  • Provide you with reports each week to keep you informed

The most appealing part of the service for most businesses is the fact that you are only sent qualified leads – this means you are not wasting time determining if a lead is going to make a purchase.

The Effective LeadLaunch Strategy

The strategy that is used by LeadLaunch provides the ability to generate leads for a wide array of industries. There are three main parts of the strategy that is used:

Part I: Consultation

We take the time to learn about your target market. Once we understand, we will create a strategy that will allow us to effectively communicate with your prospects.

Part II: Organizing the Potential Client List

We use the information you provide to determine your list and then go over it with you prior to beginning the efforts.

Part III: Outreach

Begin sending strategic messages to the prospects on the list.

As the campaign progresses each interaction is monitored closely to ensure your complete satisfaction. The difference of LeadLaunch is the fact that the research is comprehensive, leading to businesses that are ready to invest in what you offer.

If you are ready for a whole new way to generate leads – that will provide superior results, CONTACT US for more information on LeadLaunch today!