Lead Generation 101: Content Marketing

computer-1844996_640-1-300x200  Content marketing is such a hot “buzz term” in the marketing arena that it feels a little cliché to mention it as it relates to lead generation, but I’m going to anyway, and here’s why: because it works!

Everyone knows that writing articles for a blog drives traffic to a website, which in theory, should generate leads.  Posting links to those blog articles on social media should do the same.  But what many people aren’t doing that you NEED to be doing is crafting legitimate, well-articulated articles specifically for use on LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

LinkedIn is a really effective way to generate leads, because the platform is structured to create new relationships based on your pre-existing relationships. It’s the old adage that the people you know know more people than you do, so why not tap into that resource?

I personally love using LinkedIn’s publishing platform, so I ALWAYS tell my clients to use it.  But I also consistently stress that it’s important to invest the time and energy into creating quality pieces that convey authority about their subject matter so that the content has true value.

So, what is REAL value?

Content that is actionable, entertaining and insightful. Creating good content on LinkedIn will boost your number of followers, and good word-of-mouth about your expertise is the best way to network, brand yourself… and generate business for your company.

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