Innovative Ways to Generate Sales Leads

laptop-1209008_640-300x169  I find in my business that referrals are one of the most effective ways to generate sales leads, because I want to be in business with people who match the profile of my existing clients. Referrals are beneficial in two ways. One, they are proof that you are delivering outstanding service to your clients. Two, they introduce you to prospective clients without you having to spend a dime! And the other thing is that referrals short cut the process of you having to sell yourself to a prospective client, because half the work is already done for you. All you have to do is close the deal, as opposed to having to first sell your services and then close the deal.

And I know it sounds old school, but creating outstanding content that has value is still a proven method of generating leads. What is outstanding content? It is any content that fills a want or need in a user, or that offers them something they didn’t know they needed. Content that is informative, entertaining and most importantly – actionable – is the most effective means by which you can create high-quality content. And the corollary is that outstanding content provides you with credibility and authority in your field, without making users feel as if you are hitting them over the head with a sales pitch. In fact, great content via a blog is like a lead magnet (something of value that you offer for free) that generates interest in your website, and thus your products and services.

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