How Your Blog & Email Marketing Are Intimately Linked

blog-300x199  Many new business owners find themselves confused over the difference between blog content and the content they send out via email marketing. In fact, many feel not only confused but overwhelmed. They wonder where they are going to find the time to create brand new content for their emails and their blogs while still running their business. The good news is that you don’t need to. In fact, it’s rather ridiculous to create brand new content for your emails when simply reusing your blog content serves a better purpose. Not only does this method offer your readers information and engagement, but it also helps to direct traffic to your blog.

Why You Need To Reuse Blog Content

Reusing blog content for your email marketing is beneficial in numerous ways. Primarily it serves two major purposes. The first is to make life easier on yourself. Trying to come up with fresh content for your website, blog site, and your emails can take an extraordinary amount of your time. The second major purpose is that, with the help of hyperlinks, reusing content can drive people to your blog. Conversion is the main purpose of email marketing, after all, and bringing more people onto your blog site can help your sales to rise. In addition to these two main reasons, reusing blog content for your emails also reminds people already following your blog to regularly visit. Let’s face it, if you don’t remind them your readers are not going to visit regularly. Sure, they’ll probably visit once in a while but certainly not every day or every week. Probably not even once every month. A gentle reminder in the form of an email can remedy that.

How To Make The Most Of This Method

If you are going to use this marketing method, then there are several things you can do to increase it’s effectiveness. Below are a few good ideas to get you started on the right path. Please note, however,that this list is certainly not exclusive and that there are probably other things you can do in order to increase your email marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Offer content with the highest quality. Ensure your content is free of errors, full of useful information, and include call to actions.

  • Be engaging. Once your email directs people to your blog or website, ensure that they have something to do over and beyond simply reading material. Your sites should always contain at least one or two items which personally engage your audience. A few ideas include polls, contests, giveaways, surveys, and interactive picture galleries.

  • Be helpful. Write content that answers questions your customers may have, or which informs them on something relevant to your business niche.

  • Be original. Try to offer content that your readers can not find elsewhere on the web. This will make your blog seem more desirable, indispensable, and generally interesting.

  • Use an automatic response service which sends out an email to anyone who follows your blog or signs up for your emailing list. This makes it appear as though you care about your readers.

Proper use of this content strategy can greatly improve your business by developing a larger following. It helps to drive traffic to your blog where your audience can then be personally engaged by various types of content. The more engaged your readers are, the more likely they are to purchase whatever it is you are promoting. This marketing technique can be a beautiful founding point for any company trying to rise above their competition.

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