How to Use AI to Attract Customers to Your Brand

markus-winkler-tGBXiHcPKrM-unsplash-800x533  Marketing, like everything else in the business world, is going digital. For some, this heralds a period of adjustment. Customers are becoming increasingly cynical about traditional advertising, with one survey finding that 63% of respondents are more annoyed than intrigued by generic advertisements. So, what is a marketer or business owner to do?

If the world is going digital, then you should go one step further. Artificial intelligence marketing software is this next step. By using artificial intelligence (or AI), you can save time and money on marketing and get your brand out there

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

In short, AI is intelligence displayed by computers and machines, rather than by humans. Specifically, it is designed to emulate the problem-solving and decision-making abilities of humans.

While it sounds like something out of science fiction, AI is used in all sorts of fields, including marketing. One of the more interesting abilities of AI involves machine learning, which is where the computer constantly improves itself. This means that the sooner you utilize it, the more effective it will become in the long run.

How You Can Use AI

One of the upsides of AI is that a machine doesn’t sleep, get sick, or get distracted by other things. This means that you can use it to automate processes that would otherwise occupy you or an employee for hours or even days, freeing you up for other work. For example, the right software can eliminate the need for manual data entry.


Data is king, and computers and data go hand in hand. AI can collect data from your e-Commerce site and even use it to draw certain conclusions. All of this data can be used to inform marketing strategies or to create contacts with potential customers.

If there are issues with your service or your site, it will be flagged up and you can deal with it. Once you know what works and what doesn’t, marketing becomes far less daunting than it once was.

Social Media Marketing

However, AI can be even more directly involved with your customers. One of the more recent developments in AI is the ability to hold conversations with humans. This is known as a β€œbot.

Depending on how well programmed it is, the person on the other end might not even be able to tell the difference between a human customer service provider and an AI-controlled computer program.

AI-powered chatbots are a common part of customer service, but they can also be utilized in marketing. Social media marketing is a huge marketing tool, as it allows companies to directly connect with customers in a seemingly organic way.

Rather than throwing advertisements into people’s faces, social media allows brands to have a personality. AI can be programmed to reflect your brand and to control your social media profile, creating posts and engaging with potential customers. Customers, in turn, might repost messages that they find interesting, bringing more awareness to the brand.

By utilizing AI to its fullest potential, you can revolutionize your marketing.

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