How to More Effectively Market Your Educational Business

Hey there, edu-preneurs! Have you ever wondered why some educational businesses are the talk of the town, while others play hide and seek in obscurity? Well, my friend, it ain’t all about luck. It’s about a bit of marketing magic, and with that being the case, let’s sprinkle some on your biz, shall we?

1.Β  Stories, Not Stats

People adore stories. Remember that teacher whose tales stuck more than the textbook facts? That’s who you need to be. You need to be that amazing storyteller of a teacher for your company if you want to stand out from the crowd. Narrate the journey of a student, the passion of a teacher, or perhaps, the vision of your educational hub and you won’t go far wrong.

2.Β  Embrace the Gram

And by that, I mean Instagram! The visuals, stories, reels… it’s a veritable playground for marketing professionals who want to capture the hearts and minds of their target audience, and of course, it’s where Gen Z and below are at, and they are pretty much who you want to target, right? Showcase behind-the-scenes classroom fun or maybe quick student testimonials to capture their attention. Bonus? Those trendy educational memes are a hit!

3.Β  Offer a Freebie

Everyone loves free stuff, right? So, why not host a webinar, offer a trial lesson, or give away a nifty e-guide for nothing? Not only does this attract attention, but it’s also a fab way to showcase what you’ve got.

Want to know more about effectively marketing your edu-biz? Check out the infographic below.

Infographic source: education marketing

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