How to Get the Most from Your Company Blog

cms-265133_640-300x200  I think blogging content is so important in marketing for a small business that I would recommend that entrepreneurs hire a dedicated person to handle all their content. I think it’s worth it, even if it means moving your budget from some other area and transferring it into your blog creation, because I’m a firm believer that outstanding content is one of the main drivers of SEO.

Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it can pay off in so many ways. For my marketing agency, I’ve created several blogs that provide actionable and useful content that demonstrates my expertise and experience and establishes my authority in the industry. Blog readers are entering into a relationship when they engage with your blog, but like all relationships, there’s a β€œfeeling out” period that is critical. During this period, readers are testing out your content against other credible content that they read to see if you’re at least on the same level if not better. And if your content falls below that standard, they will go elsewhere.

That’s why I’m a such a stickler for producing as much original content as possible, because it helps to brand your company in a way that’s not possible when you are repurposing content. That isn’t to say that republishing content from other authoritative sites (influencer marketing) or repurposing old content (with updates) isn’t important, but fresh, original and relevant content is always the first choice.

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