How Can Local Establishments Improve Their Google Places Rank

The creation of a Google Places app that is made available to iPhone users instantly pushed local businesses to be listed on the Internet. With the convenience and mobility of an app for local listings, consumers now rely more on this. And because of that, business owners scrambled to be visible whenever a customer does a relevant search. Approximately ΒΌ of online traffic can be attributed to smart phone users – now, wouldn’t you want to be on top of the list when a customer searches for your kind of business? Here are some things to take note of so you can improve your ranking in Google Places:

Increase awareness for your business

If you are located in an area with a big population, it is important that your business is visible in Google Places. Many urban places are bustling with locals and tourists that rely on the quick access of business listings available to them. Once you are listed, these great number of consumers have a higher chance of locating your business online rather than stumbling upon your actual store while walking.

Being thorough and precise is a must

Make sure that you properly fill up all required fields when you sign up for Google Places. The information that you will input should be the same that of the information found on all your online tools – website, blogs, Facebook page, etc. Being consistent in all those important information will help your ranking since Google will be able to easily collect your information online and immediately provide it to a consumer.

Be consistent everytime

Online directories like the Yellow Pages, infoUSA and other high-ranking ones also generate information about business to sent to Google Places searches. That is why it is important that you type in exactly the same information in all your online marketing tools – your contact numbers, address, keywords, tags, business categories, etc.

Aim for great reviews

Online, satisfied customers will mean more new customers to come! The more yellow stars you have beside your business name, the more people you will convince to buy your product or service. The more positive reviews you have online will increase your ranking online. Get your existing customers to rate your business by giving them incentives (discounts, freebies, etc.) that they can enjoy after they give you a feedback on your website.

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